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62 brands and products honoured at HardwareZone & HWM Tech Awards 2023

By Team HardwareZone - on 21 Apr 2023, 9:56am

About the HWZ+HWM Tech Awards 2023 (HWZ), Singapore’s leading tech lifestyle and gaming media hub, has completed publishing all 62 winners of the + HWM Tech Awards 2023 (HWZ + HWM Tech Awards 2023) today.

The 14th edition of the Awards, which comprises 16 Editor’s Choice awards, and 46 Readers’ Choice awards, recognises outstanding brands and products launched over the last 12 months (March 2022 to February 2023) since the previous Tech Awards concluded. The core sectors that the awards cover include a variety of brands and tech gear in computing, gaming, consumer electronics, mobile and services.

Among the Editor’s Choice category, there were also two Innovation Awards dedicated to products and technologies that are making inroads to enable new consumer experiences.

10 new categories were introduced across both Readers’ and Editor’s Choice awards this year. For the first time in many years, all brands launched new processors simultaneously, enabling a massive refresh of desktops and laptops across the board for everyday users, creators and gamers alike. The wealth of options allowed the team to expand our Editor's Choice testing to deliver results for the best processors for those with demanding needs and the ideal option for gamers.

To better reflect the entrenched nature of hybrid work, categories such as Best Video Conferencing Software and Hardware brands were added to track audience preferences. The evolving content consumption habits have also spurred the team to focus on new categories to address entertainment needs, such as Mini Projectors and Best Home Entertainment Projector awards to fulfil upsized video streaming and gaming needs. Lastly, phone seekers would be delighted to know the best phones for photo and videography have been rounded up to present a new Best Android Camera Smartphone award.

This year's biggest winners are Apple, ASUS and Samsung, while the brands with the most exciting outcomes and significant gains year-on-year are AMD, Google, MyRepublic and Samsung.

Dennis Jang, President of Samsung Electronics Singapore said: "We are honoured to have been recognised by HardwareZone’s readers and editorial team for our innovation in delivering smart, connected experiences for everyday consumers. We will continue to innovate and bring to market products and experiences that can best meet our customers’ digital and lifestyle needs, as well as lead the market with cutting-edge offerings. For example, our Galaxy Z series foldable smartphones, and the ultra-portable The Freestyle, have redefined how we are using and interacting with technology today.”

The biggest winner, ASUS, widened its win with a grand total of 9 awards. Desmond Soh, Senior Country Director of Open Platform Business Group at ASUS said: "We are deeply honoured and ecstatic to be a recipient of the prestigious HardwareZone Tech Awards 2023. It's an incredible feeling to be recognized by both the readers, and HardwareZone’s editorial team! The 9 awards across multiple categories are a testament to our commitment in creating innovative products that make a difference in people's lives. We believe that our dedication to creating top-quality gaming products, coupled with our commitment to meeting the needs of gamers around the world, is what sets us apart from the competition."

With thousands of readers participating in the annual HWZ + HWM Tech Awards polls, it is Singapore's trusted source and voice of authority in the consumer tech space.

HardwareZone reader Ms Cassandra Tan, a 38-year-old sales director, said: “Reading HWZ has changed me from a tech illiterate to a techie, and the branding instils confidence that recommendations made to my friends are backed by good and sound testing methods. It has also raised my personal bar on expectations of a sound product review with the relevance of local context.” 

Every year, our team dedicates months to the purpose of putting out the best comparisons to determine the top tech gear, as well as honing in on consumer sentiments to refresh and update the award segments to keep them relevant and valuable to anyone interested in knowing which brand or product they should spend their hard-earned money on. 14 years on, I'm proud to say the HWZ+HWM Tech Awards is still the most coveted media recognition to highlight the most influential tech brands, and the best-performing products and services in Singapore.

I would like to congratulate all the winners again and hope we can work together to bring consumers greater value and new differentiated offerings. -- Mr Vijay Anand, Editor-in-Chief of HWZ.

The complete list of winners is listed on the following two pages for Readers' Choice and Editor's Choice, respectively. For full details of Readers’ Choice voting results and how the editorial team assessed and ranked the contenders of the Editor’s Choice categories, visit the HardwareZone Tech Awards 2023 content hub or in these links below:-


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    The HardwareZone + HWM Tech Awards consists of two segments - the Readers' Choice awards and the Editor's Choice awards. It has been conducted annually since 2010 and is the industry's most recognized and comprehensive tech lifestyle awards in Singapore.

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