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Best of Gaming: Tech Awards 2023 Readers' Choice series

By Zachary Chan - 13 Apr 2023

Best of Gaming

Tech Awards 2023 Readers' Choice Results - Part 2

Continuing our Tech Awards 2023 Readers' Choice series, here are the results for the Best of Gaming categories. As a quick recap, the Readers' Choice awards are given to the best technology brands and services in Singapore as voted by our readers through an annual poll.

This article is Part 2 (of 4) and covers 9 out of the 46 Readers' Choice award categories that make up the Best of Gaming. The other parts are Best of Computing, Best of Consumer Electronics, and Best of Mobile & Services. Don't forget to check out the Editor's Choice series of articles too, where we rate the best products of the year.


Best Graphics Processor Brand - NVIDIA

The winner of this year’s Readers’ Choice Best Graphics Processor Brand goes to NVIDIA with a massive 72% of the overall votes. However, it may be worth noting that AMD seem to be consistently chipping away at NVIDIA’s dominance. AMD had 21% in 2021, 25% in 2022, and this year, they’ve grown to 28%. NVIDIA is definitely still the top dog with Ada Lovelace, and nothing beats the RTX 4090. Even AMD concedes this and markets their own RDNA 3-powered Radeon RX 7900 series as the smarter, cost-effective option, which may be why they’re such a great underdog to root for.


Best Graphics Card Brand - ASUS

It doesn’t look like anyone is breaking this streak for ASUS anytime soon, as they are once again your chosen Best Graphics Card Brand for 2023, 14 years in a row. ASUS has now won this award enough times for a child to grow into a rebellious teenager. Interestingly, they’ve further increased their vote share from 43% last year to 51% this year. In second and third place, Gigabyte and MSI, respectively, both of which have similar results as in previous years. While ASUS has traditionally been more of a premium brand for gamers, we feel that the uptick in votes this year could also have been attributed to having viable NVIDIA and AMD options that cover the whole budget spectrum.


Best Gaming Monitor Brand - ASUS

It’s 2023, and ASUS has been voted as the Best Gaming Monitor Brand. It’s with good reason too. They’ve been pushing the boundaries of performance and was first to announce a 500Hz display back in 2022. Then At CES 2023, they showcased the ROG Swift Pro PG248QP, a 540Hz display. However, if you compare the results over the past two years, ASUS no longer has such a commanding lead. In 2021 they had 34%, in 2022 they garnered 26%, and this year, they’ve retained the win at 19%, a slim 2% lead over Prism+ (17%). Now, Prism+ has been polling similar numbers over the past two years, so the loss in vote share for ASUS is actually due to a wider spread across the rest of the brands. Perhaps ‘speed’ has generally caught up, and we’ve reached a limit to what our eyes can perceive.


Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Brand – Logitech

One of the rare upsets this year, is in the Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Brand. Logitech takes the win from Razer in a very close fight, 29% over 27%. However, this is a notable win for team Logitech as they were 10% behind Razer in last year’s awards. Even ASUS, in third place, grew from 14% (2022) to 17% (2023), probably because they’ve actually begun to market their range of ROG-branded peripherals and proprietary mechanical switches.


Best Gaming Headset Brand - Razer

The Best Gaming Headset Brand stays with Razer with 18% of the total votes. This is still down from 24% that they achieved in 2022. However, unlike the Keyboard & Mouse results, ASUS and Logitech didn’t budge here, tied for second place with 14% votes each, similar to the last two years. In this case, the erosion of Razer’s votes came from traditional lifestyle audio brands that have started to focus on gaming. Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay Portal and JBL’s Quantum One come to mind.


Best Gaming Desktop PC Brand - Aftershock

For the third consecutive year, Aftershock remains our Readers’ Choice Best Gaming Desktop PC Brand, commanding 30% of overall votes. In second place, close rival ASUS with 24% of the votes, while Dell comes in third with 12%. These results seem to be a clear indicator that our readers prefer the value and extreme customisation a systems integrator like Aftershock can provide over generic desktop PCs from big brands. And it’s no surprise, as Aftershock has been on a roll showcasing incredibly unique PC builds over the years, from a pink boba tea PC to a massive LEGO brick-build Halloween House.


Best Gaming Laptop Brand - ASUS

After a loss to Aftershock last year, ASUS has managed to reclaim the Best Gaming Laptop Brand Award in this year’s Readers’ Choice polls. But only just. With a mere 1% difference between first and second place, Aftershock has proven that their results last year were no fluke, and the homegrown brand is well-loved by gamers. On the other hand, ASUS had a great year in 2022, refining their core range of gaming notebooks from the popular Zephyrus G14 to the budget-friendly TUF Gaming F15. They’ve also shown plenty of innovation with the dual-screen Zephyrus Duo, and convertibles hybrids like the ROG Flow X and Z series devices. And in 2023, we’ve already got our first taste of what to expect from ASUS with their Steam Deck answer, the ROG Ally.


Best Gaming Console Brand - Sony

Unlike the rest of gaming and computing sectors, consoles have the longest shelf life, and thus we do not usually see big shifts in this category. With 45% of the overall votes counted, Sony is still the Best Gaming Console Brand, according to our readers. Nintendo is in second place with 37%, while Microsoft comes in third with 18%. While supply issues for the PlayStation 5 have continued to plague Sony even into 2022, the hype for the console and its exclusive games has not diminished one bit. And new updates such as PS VR2 and Project Leonardo accessibility controller continue to give Sony positive mindshare.


Best Gaming Publisher - Nintendo

For the second year in a row, the Readers’ Choice Best Gaming Publisher award goes to Nintendo. However, their lead has diminished, and second-place Activision Blizzard is just a hair’s breadth away. What’s interesting about this year’s results is that Electronic Arts have dropped a spot to fourth, with Sony Interactive Entertainment stepping up to third place.


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