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Best of Computing: Tech Awards 2023 Readers' Choice series

By Zachary Chan - 12 Apr 2023

CPU, Mobo, Storage, Networking and more

Tech Awards 2023 Readers' Choice Results - Part 1

You've read our picks of best products of the year in the Editor's Choice series of articles, but now the votes are in for the Readers' Choice series of Tech Awards 2023. These are the best technology brands and services in Singapore, as voted by you. We'd like to extend our gratitude to all our readers for participating in these polls, now in their 14th year running. Your participation in the Tech Awards process helps democratise these results, providing a clear message of real consumer sentiment and brand recognition across the tech industry.

This year, we have a total of 46 award categories for polling. After months of compiling the results from thousands of our readers, we're ready to share the outcome to help Singaporeans make an informed buying decision.

The result in this article is Part 1 (out of 4) and covers 18 out of 46 awards that make up the Best of Computing categories. Don't forget also to check out the Best of Gaming, Best of Consumer Electronics, and Best of Mobile & Services.


Best CPU Brand - Intel

With just one year under their belt, AMD has relinquished the Readers’ Choice Best CPU Brand award back to Intel. And judging by the votes, it would seem Intel’s efforts with their Performance Hybrid Architecture that started with 2021’s 12th Generation “Alder Lake” have put them back firmly in the lead. Interestingly, AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series is no less impressive, having swept both our Editor’s Choice Best Desktop CPU and Best Gaming CPU awards. We can only surmise that the Readers’ Choice results also factor in product lifecycle, and Intel’s 12th Gen came in at a time to surpass AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series mostly throughout 2022, while both 13th Gen “Raptor Lake” and Ryzen 7000 came out in the same period at the tail end of the year, and were neck and neck.


Best Motherboard Brand - ASUS

The 2023 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Motherboard Brand goes to…ASUS. Not only has the brand been a favourite of our readers year-on-year, but this year’s results have been their highest in the last decade, surpassing their previous high of 62% in 2020’s Awards. This year, ASUS comfortably leads with 65% of total votes, taking even more share from all other players. It is likely their aggressive coverage for every market segment that earned ASUS this recognition, from its ROG gaming series and ProArt for creatives to business and workstation models for both Intel and AMD systems. MSI and Gigabyte tie for second place with 14% of votes each, while Asrock is a distant third with just 4%.


Best SSD Brand - Samsung

Samsung is the winner of the Best SSD Brand award in this year’s Readers’ Choice voting with a total of 32% of overall votes. Their share of votes is very similar to last year’s win as well, where Samsung took 33% of the votes. The trends year-on-year for Best SSD Brand have been rather consistent, mostly with fiercer competition down the ranks, but this year looks to be spread more evenly. Seagate is in second place with 11% of the votes, while SanDisk and Intel share third place with 10% of the votes each. Even WD in fourth place is just 2 points behind at 8%, so it’s been a very close call this year compared to 2022’s results.


Best External Storage Brand — Seagate

Seagate managed to capture the most votes again to win our Readers’ Choice Best External Storage Brand award with 24% of overall votes. In second place is WD, with 20%, which is the same results as they got in last year’s Awards. What’s interesting though is that Samsung managed to leapfrog SanDisk to tie with WD in second place also with 20% of the votes (a 2% increase from last year), while SanDisk remains in third place with 19% (incidentally also the same results as in 2022). Still, it's just 1% point between WD, Samsung and SanDisk, so likely they’re viewed in very similar fashion among our readers.


Best NAS Brand - WD

If last year’s 30% win wasn’t a strong enough endorsement by our readers, then this year’s jump to 35% certainly is. WD seems to be gaining more traction as the preferred NAS brand for general consumers. As we noted before, just three years ago in 2020, WD only commanded 9% of the votes. The general improvement of home broadband speeds and increased data mobility has given rise to the use of more personal cloud storage devices. WD is generally a more consumer friendly brand,  plus we believe that some high profile ransomware attacks to competitors such as ASUStor in 2022 also helped boost WD’s standings.


Best NAS Storage Brand - Seagate

We created the Best NAS Storage Brand category last year to differentiate brands that offer full NAS products (the prior category) and those that only produce the drives within (this category). Seagate was the inaugural winner of the NAS Storage Brand category in 2022, and continues to dominate in 2023 with a 46% majority of total votes. The breakdown of results look very similar to last year, but if you look closely, WD has gained 2% extra votes at the expense of Seagate. Maybe we’ll see a close competition next year, as WD seems to be gaining popularity in the NAS Brand category. Toshiba and HGST both retain the same share of votes as last year.


Best Wireless Networking Brand - ASUS

This year marks the 10th consecutive year that ASUS has won Readers’ Choice Best Wireless Networking Brand. And they’ve managed to increase their lead from 33% for the 2022 Awards to 39% in 2023. It is a stronghold for ASUS as a consumer brand that focuses on performance and adoption of the latest standards, especially with their ROG line of gaming routers. For example, during CES 2023 earlier this year, ASUS announced the world’s first quad-band Wi-Fi 7 gaming router, the ROG Rapture GT-BE98, with a whopping total bandwidth of 25,000Mbps. Then there's their ROG branded mesh networking system, a first for ASUS. Coming in at a combined second place (this seems to be happening a lot this year), is TP-Link and Linksys with 14% of votes each. While ASUS designs are attention-grabbing, TP-Link is no less feature-filled. For instance, they too launched a quad-band Wi-Fi 7 router at CES 2023, the Deco BE95, that perhaps has even more impressive features than the ASUS ROG GT-BE98 as it features two 6GHz bands instead of one for the ASUS.


Best IP Camera Brand - D-Link

We had to double (triple) check the results this year for Readers’ Choice Best IP Camera Brand award, because the outcome for the top 8 brands were exactly the same as last year. D-Link retains their title with 19% of the votes, though Samsung continues to nip at their back with 18%. The minor difference is where Prolink and Aztech; Hikvision and Anker swapped positions in the chart, even though they technically have the same percentage scores, which boiled down to very close calls of a few votes apart.


Best Webcam Brand - Logitech

Another new category from 2022, introduced due to the rise in webcam use over the past few years from Covid lockdowns and the need for remote work, which in turn required better-quality video and audio than your standard built-in notebook webcam could provide. Logitech has now won our Readers’ Choice Best Webcam Brand award the second year running, with 47% of the total votes counted. You can look at these results either as Logitech having a big leg up over the competition, or it is an untapped market with lots of room for other players to grow. It is still interesting that ASUS has not only retained their second place, but grew their vote share by 4% over last year’s results seeing that they don't really publicize about their webcam solutions, but they do have regular and ROG editions.

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