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Apple's AI strategy revealed in new report, enhanced Siri could be its core

By Shawn Tan - on 14 May 2024, 9:30am

Apple's AI strategy revealed in new report, enhanced Siri could be its core

An enhanced Siri with generative AI could be the core of Apple's AI strategy.

The New York Times published a report detailing Apple's AI strategy where an enhanced Siri with generative AI could be its core

The introduction of OpenAI's ChatGPT last year and its use of generative AI to generate computer code, answer complex questions, and follow a conversation forced Apple's top software executives to rethink its priorities which led to a major reorganisation

According to The New York Times, the reorganisation was one contributing factor in Apple's purported decision to drop its electric car project. Despite having spent over $10 billion on the car project, Apple decided to divert resources to develop generative AI tools to protect its iPhone business

If Apple does not act fast, generative AI could be a grave threat to the iPhone as the ecosystem of AI apps and services could render the App Store redundant. Therefore, Siri is expected to receive a huge update this year as part of "a broader effort to embrace generative AI across Apple's businesses" and stay relevant. 

Three people familiar with the matter reveal that Siri will be powered by a new generative AI system to be more conversational and versatile. This is somewhat similar to what tech news aggregator account yeux1122 shared earlier this year; the enhanced Siri is able to offer natural conversational capabilities and deeper user personalisation.

Apple will be sharing more details of its ongoing AI work at WWDC 2024. Recent reports suggest that we could see a partnership between Apple and OpenAI to use ChatGPT features on the iPhone, or a collaboration with multiple parties to power some generative AI features in iOS 18

Source: The New York Times via MacRumors

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