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MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Suprim X 8G review: 1440p gaming done right

By Hoots the Owl & Aaron Yip - 11 Dec 2021
Launch SRP: S$1688


Note: This review was first published on 6 December 2021.

Brushed metal good looks

The MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Suprim X 8G is the company's flagship GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. It shares a lot in common with the Suprim designs on other cards, featuring a faceted brushed metal cooling shroud with a silvery finish. It's clearly meant to evoke a sense of premium performance, and it does so quite successfully. 

The Tri Frozr 2S cooler is outfitted with three double ball bearing Torx 4.0 fans, which can stop spinning entirely when the GPU load is low to reduce noise. Each is made up of pairs of fan blades linked together in a unique ring design to focus air flow and air pressure into the heatsink. Crucial components on the PCB get dedicated cooling as well. For instance, the memory modules come in direct contact with their own dedicated heat pipe to better transfer heat to the heatsink, while additional thermal pads channel heat away from board components. 

This extends to the backplate as well, where thermal pads beneath the sturdy backplate provide additional cooling. To further protect the PCB, it is strengthened with a rigid metal anti-bending strap to guard against flexing. A bundled support stand props it up for still more reinforcement, which should also help protect your PCIe slot.

The GPU itself comes into contact with a solid nickel-plated copper base plate that links to an array of heat pipes. These heat pipes are precision-machined for maximum contact with the GPU, and extend across the full length of the heat sink for more even heat distribution and efficient cooling.

The heat sink itself has been tweaked for improved performance as well. Deflectors provide additional surface area and guide air to where it’s needed for maximum cooling, while wave-curved 2.0 fin edges disrupt unwanted airflow harmonics resulting in reduced noise.

The PCB has been upgraded with a custom design too, with additional fuses built into it to provide further safeguards against electrical damage. A thickened copper layer inside the PCB also increases conductivity, which improves heat dissipation and reliability. Finally, there's a Dual BIOS switch that gives you the choice to switch between full performance in Gaming mode and low noise in Silent mode without entering the software.

You can tweak the card's performance in MSI's Afterburner software, which also provides performance monitoring features. The built-in OC Scanner also leverages NVIDIA's algorithm to safely determine the maximum clock speeds and apply it to your graphics card.

Round the back, you get three DisplayPort 1.4a connectors and one HDMI port.

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  • Performance 9
  • Features 9
  • Value 7
The Good
Excellent 1440p performance
Large overclock over the reference clock
Cool and quiet
The Bad
Won't fit into smaller cases
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