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Best Tech Brands of 2022: HWM+HWZ.com Tech Awards Readers' Choice Results

By Zachary Chan - 31 May 2022

Gaming (Part 1)

Best Graphics Processor Brand - NVIDIA

We would love another underdog story here like the CPU category, but no such luck. NVIDIA is firmly planted on the throne of Best Graphics Processor Brand, and for good reason too. RTX chips have grown from strength to strength, generation-on-generation. With an RTX 3080 Ti, ray tracing is no longer a sacrifice, that is, if you could get your hands on one. Regardless, with 75% of the total votes, our readers agree too. AMD did increase its mindshare slightly thanks to the value for money Radeon RX 6600 XT, Radeon RX 6500 XT models, while the just launched RX 6650 / 6750 / 6950 XT add even more options for the discerning AMD supporter.


Best Graphics Card Brand - ASUS

It’s always a one-two combo for ASUS in the PC components space as the brand has successfully entrenched itself into the Singaporean psyche. So, it’s really no surprise that ASUS is once again voted Best Graphics Card Brand. This is a 13-year streak, and if they continue pushing the boundaries of performance that gamers crave for, they have nothing to worry about. ASUS also offers one of the widest range of cards for that added push in retail dominance. Even their mid-range GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card offers enough pizazz to stand out comfortably.


Best Gaming Monitor Brand - ASUS

We mentioned this in last year’s results analysis; the difference between flagship gaming monitors and flagship TVs are actually quite distinct. In a TV, overall features count, which is why Prism+ can play the value proposition and go toe to toe with Samsung. For gamers, performance always comes first, then value. And you can clearly see this in our results as ASUS takes Best Gaming Monitor Brand with 26% of the votes, while Prism+ is much further behind at 15%.


Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Brand - Razer

We tried splitting up this category last year, but realised that peripherals do tend to come in pairs, and the traditional vote split for both keyboard and mouse categories individually were more or less identical. So, we’re back with a combined award. This year’s winner for Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Brand is Razer, with 34% of the total votes, while Logitech and ASUS shore up second and third spots with 24% and 12% respectively.


Best Gaming Headset Brand - Razer

The Best Gaming Headset Brand goes to Razer as well, with 24% of the total votes, a 2-point increase over last year’s results. Razer has been very active in 2021, pushing out plenty of peripherals which also included microphones and speakers, which we believe kept the brand pretty much in the spotlight all year round. In terms of headsets, we’ve got the multi-coloured Opus X, multi-platform Barracuda X, Hammerhead TWS X, and Kraken V3 X.

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