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Best Tech Brands of 2022: HWM+HWZ.com Tech Awards Readers' Choice Results

By Zachary Chan - 31 May 2022

Computing (Part 2)

Best Wireless Networking Brand - ASUS

At a glance, this chart looks very much like last year’s chart. ASUS continues to claim 33% vote share for a 9th consecutive win in the Best Wireless Networking Brand category. Networking is a category where connectivity and performance are all that matters, a metric that even the most casual of users expect, and as such ASUS has managed to entrench themselves through their gaming-focused ROG line. Today, they’re well known not just for superior wireless performance, but also as one of the few brands that continue to push the latest in standards, security, advanced user customisation and building a robust networking ecosystem through AiMesh functionality to enable compatible ASUS routers to work together in a single SSID. For those who want simplicity, ASUS has them covered with their ZenWiFi offerings. Clearly, ASUS is catering to users of all classes and needs with aplomb to garner this level of support.


Best IP Camera Brand - D-Link

D-Link is once again our Readers’ Choice for Best IP Camera Brand with 19% of total votes, but their comfortable lead in last year’s awards has eroded somewhat. Samsung has retained their 18% vote count, which is identical to what they achieved last Tech Awards season, but just shy of taking the top spot. The rest of our chart actually looks very similar to last year too, with just minor 1-2% differences between third-place TP-Link and fourth place Yi. However, we saw more votes coming in for smaller brands that were too tiny individually to make it into the chart, but commanded a total of 7% of the combined vote.


Best Webcam Brand - Logitech

This is a new category introduced for our 2022 awards which tracked webcam brand recognition over the 2021 voting period. Within two years of prolonged work-from-home arrangements due to the pandemic, we saw a sharp rise for the need for dedicated webcams with better quality cameras and connectivity. And it isn’t just for the sake of taking virtual meetings and presentations, but the ability to record better quality video too. Simply put, the average notebook webcam no longer made the cut. For this award category, our inaugural winner is Logitech, by a landslide, raking in almost half of all votes at 49%. Interestingly, the next best preference is ASUS.


Best Home Printer Brand - Canon

This year’s Best Home Printer Brand Award goes to Canon, with an almost identical voting pattern to last year’s Tech Awards. Canon wins with 40% of the votes, 1% more than last year, while HP and Brother retain their 22% vote share each. In 4th place, we have Epson at 16%, While printing is heavily focused on consumable usage - from paper or ink - every major brand rolled out products and initiatives in 2021 that focused not just on affordability and saving ink, but also recycling and eco-friendly features. 


Best Office Printer Brand - Fujifilm Business Innovation

This year’s voting results saw a bigger shift away from the incumbent, with more votes for Canon, Brother and Epson respectively. And we believe that this could be because of the fact that Fuji Xerox has completed their rebranding to Fujifilm Business Innovation, which might have affected their long-standing brand recognition in a public voting exercise such as this. Regardless, Fujifilm Business Innovation still managed to chalk up the win with 27% of votes.

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