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TSMC's 3nm chip supply for 2023 is reportedly exclusive to Apple

By Cookie Monster - on 31 Aug 2023, 3:17pm

TSMC's 3nm chip supply for 2023 is reportedly exclusive to Apple

Image source: TSMC

TSMC's 3nm chip supply for the rest of the year is reportedly exclusive to Apple. 

DigiTimes reports that Intel is making modifications to its CPU platforms and will delay its 3nm chip orders till 2024. With Intel out of the picture, Apple is more than happy to pick up the rest of the 3nm chip supplies from TSMC for the rest of the year! 

Intel and Apple were initially said to be the first companies to use TSMC's 3nm chips this year. Nikkei Asia claimed then that Intel had at least two 3nm TSMC projects for notebooks and data center servers.

For Apple, TSMC will be using its 2nd-gen 3nm process to make the M3 and A17 chips which are destined for the Mac and iPhone 15 Pro models.

Earlier this year, TSMC CEO C.C Wei revealed the company is struggling to meet 3nm chip demand from Apple due to its tool and yield issues. It is also reported that Apple secured the unusual "sweetheart deal" with TSMC to not pay for defective 3nm chips, which saved the iPhone maker billions of dollars.

Source: DigiTimes via 9to5Mac

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