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Singtel’s updated 5G contract phone plans add roaming, mobile security, and loyalty vouchers

By Liu Hongzuo - on 4 Sep 2023, 2:01pm

Singtel’s updated 5G contract phone plans add roaming, mobile security, and loyalty vouchers

Singtel Phone Plan is a replacement to its existing XO Plus contract plan offerings.

If you’ve been poking around the Singtel mobile plan portal, you might’ve realised that the XO Plus Plans have disappeared. That’s because Singtel has refreshed its contract plan offerings by replacing XO Plus with new Singtel Phone Plans.

Editorial note: The new Singtel contract plans don’t have a fancy name; we’re just going by what Singtel calls them.

Summary of Singtel Phone Plan, from Singtel's website.

In summary, the revamped plans offer 5G mobile data by default, and they come bundled with McAfee Mobile Security, no matter which tier you pick. If you select higher-tiered plans, they come with loyalty vouchers and some international roaming data included. Like before, choosing a Phone Plan also comes with a contracted phone with a reduced upfront cost. The rest of the cost is offset and spread out across the contract.

These new plans replace the XO Plus offerings, which means re-contracting users would have to take one of these new Phone Plans instead. Singtel recommends existing XO Plus users to upgrade to the new Phone Plans because of their additional features. 

Singtel Phone Plans
XS S M L Pro Fam
Price per month S$62 (U.P. S$68) S$78 S$98 S$128 S$178 S$288
Local 5G data 30GB 100GB 130GB 160GB 230GB Unlimited*
Local outgoing minutes (call) 100 300 600 800 1,200 1,800
Local SMSes 100 300 600 800 1,200 1,800
McAfee Mobile Security Included (U.P. S$4.95 per month, two devices)
Loyalty Voucher (for handset upgrade) NIL S$100 S$150 S$250 S$400 S$500 yearly
Worldwide roaming (81 destinations) NIL NIL 1GB 2GB 3GB 30GB

At a glance, it looks a little pricier than your usual XO Plus plans (about S$10 more across the board), but the perks like monthly roaming data and on-plan mobile security are hard to ignore. It’s worth checking out if you’re due for a phone upgrade soon.

An interesting option is the Fam plan, which offers “unlimited data” (fair usage policies still apply) across three phone lines at S$288 monthly. That works out to S$96/month per line with 1,800 minutes and SMSes between them. However, note that you still only get one loyalty voucher for handsets, and also know that the roaming data component applies only to the main line (see our FAQ check below).

What are some of the essential details in Singtel’s new Phone Plans?

A quick look at the new Singtel Phone Plan FAQs (PDF download) clarifies these additions since most of these perks did not exist in Singtel’s older plans:

By default, 5G network is offered across all plans. To that end, an XO Plus 52 user paying for a 5G NOW add-on can get a new plan, and their add-on cost is waived henceforth (old XO Plus had one plan that did not offer 5G local data).

Local data, minutes, and SMSes can be shared across MobileShare lines, up to a maximum of three MobileShare numbers. This applies to all plans in these new offerings.

The loyalty voucher is issued every 21 months during the contract, similar to the old XO Plus handset vouchers Singtel used to issue to retain high-paying contract customers. The only exception to this is Fam plan, which gives the S$500 loyalty voucher yearly.

The McAfee Mobile Security’s cost is already included in the plan (hence the bundling). It’s originally at S$4.95 per month for two devices.

According to the FAQ, McAfee Mobile Security works on iOS 10 or later, and Android 4.2 or later.

The worldwide roaming data provided in GB is monthly, much in the same style as your monthly local data bundle. 

Roaming data bundled cannot be removed from the plan, as it’s a part of the new Singtel Phone Plan.

The worldwide roaming data inside Fam plan is not shareable across other mobile lines on the same plan. It is built into the main line. The secondary lines will need to use Singtel’s ReadyRoam add-ons instead.

The same 81 destinations are covered across all plans that offer this data bundle. Notable destinations include Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more (read its FAQ for all 81 destinations).

Local data usage beyond your allotment is charged at S$18.17 per 18GB. It is capped at S$189.76/month. If you have a Data X INFINITY add-on on an existing plan, it can be kept on your Phone Plan line. The add-on cost is waived if you take on Fam plan.

To see more about Singtel’s new plans, visit the official website at

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