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Samsung reportedly supplying foldable displays to Apple and Google

By Cookie Monster - on 4 Mar 2019, 6:00am

Samsung reportedly supplying foldable displays to Apple and Google

Foldable phones have yet to be commercially available, but Samsung is reportedly looking ahead by selling its foldable display technology to other phone makers. 

According to ETNews, Samsung has specifically provided samples to Apple and Google as it wants to dominate as the supplier of the foldable display technology. At the moment, Samsung is reportedly producing up to 2.4 million units a year and is considering to move up to 10 million units depending on demand. 

Samsung is said to have made a set of foldable display and delivered it to Apple. The foldable display is rumored to be 7.2-inches, which is 0.1-inches smaller than the Galaxy Fold. 

Korean publication The Bell reported in November 2017 that Apple is working with LG on a foldable iPhone as it does not want its tech secrets to be leaked to Samsung. Apple has also filed a patent for a foldable iPhone which describes a device that can be "opened and closed like a book". In October 2018, the iPhone maker was granted a second patent for a folding iPhone with flexible hinge

Source: ETNews via MacRumors

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