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LG updates its consumer electronics brand identity with a youthful and energetic new look

By Liu Hongzuo - on 18 Apr 2023, 4:23pm

LG updates its consumer electronics brand identity with a youthful and energetic new look

LG updates its brand and visual identity.

If you’re shopping for a new LG appliance or device anytime soon, don’t be surprised if the LG products look slightly different from what you’re familiar with.

In its latest corporate announcement released today (18 April 2023), LG Electronics Singapore shared that the brand has unveiled a new brand direction and visual identity, which cuts across its physical and digital consumer-facing products and services.

The new brand direction is congruent globally, where its focus still represents LG’s old core values. However, the new visual identity is much more lively and energetic than before – hoping it also resonates with a newer generation of consumers (Gen Z) while conveying its new youthful and energetic identity.

The new “LG” brand symbol can perform up to eight unique motions, including spinning, nodding, and winking. The signature LG red colourway is also accompanied by a new LG Active Red variant across its customer-facing contact points. Adding to that is a wider gradient used for Active Red, Black, and White, to represent the variety and uniqueness of each LG product and service.

The new typeface for LG’s “Life’s Good” brand slogan will also be featured prominently in its branding. The company did not share the name of its typeface or its inspiration behind the choice, but LG said it signals its capacity to evolve with each generation’s needs and wants.

Do these changes resonate with you and your experience with LG products? Let us know. In the meantime, you can purchase LG products online via its official Shopee and Lazada storefronts. 


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Source: LG (newsroom)

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