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Apple Watch Series 9 said to have new heart rate sensor and U2 chip

By Cookie Monster - on 12 Sep 2023, 9:25am

Apple Watch Series 9 said to have new heart rate sensor and U2 chip

The current Apple Watch Series 8.

A new chipset is not the only new hardware component coming to the Apple Watch Series 9, according to Bloomberg.

Sources told Bloomberg that the Apple Watch Series 9 will have "various sensors and internal components upgrades". One of the upgrades is an improved, fourth-generation heart rate sensor. The Apple Watch Series 7, 8 and Ultra currently use the third-generation heart rate sensor.

Bloomberg did not share specific details on the upcoming sensor, but says it is more accurate. Considering that previous versions of the heart rate sensor were able to detect abnormal rates or atrial fibrillation with accuracy rates of up to 97%, it would be interesting to see how Apple raises the bar with the fourth-generation sensor. 

The other hardware component upgrade is the U2 chip, which is tipped to enhance the Apple Watch's location tracking capabilities and "Find My" feature. The current U1 chip was introduced with the iPhone 11 Pro in 2019.

Recent rumours have suggested that the only significant update to the Apple Watch Series 9 is the chipset, which technically hasn't been updated since the Series 6.  The new chipset, dubbed S9, might provide a boost to performance and battery life.

We're just a day from its official unveiling, so now might be an apt time to check out where the Apple Watch Series 8 stands before we welcome the newcomer.

Source: Bloomberg

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