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OPPO Watch X hands-on: Anything can be a strenuous activity if you try hard enough

By Liu Hongzuo - 1 May 2024

OPPO Watch X hands-on: Anything can be a strenuous activity if you try hard enough

Note: This feature was first published on 1 March 2024.

OPPO Watch X, on models' wrists.

At the global launch of the OPPO Watch X in Bangkok’s Park Hyatt ballroom, fitness influencers and not-so-fit tech journalists from the APAC region had the opportunity to try out OPPO’s latest smartwatch wearable.

Fitness, Lifestyle, and Data 3-in-1

Summary of OPPO Watch X features as seen at its global launch keynote in Bangkok, Thailand.

Here’s a quick introduction before we get to our bits. The OPPO Watch X is a flagship-tier Wear OS 4 smartwatch by the Chinese electronics giant. The wearable is designed to be a statement piece, fitness tracker, and lifestyle tracker rolled into one. Besides dual-frequency GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC connectivity, it’s made to handle all the minor tasks that makes up a person’s day. You can pay digitally through its Google Wallet interface, get 24/7 monitoring for your stress, blood oxygen, and heart rate levels, as well as receive notifications and respond to them.

Getting the smartwatch ready to get sweaty at its very own launch.

The highlight of OPPO Watch X is the 100+ workouts it supports, and OPPO made a showing of it at its product launch keynote. On-site were attack bikes, rope skipping, machine rows, and badminton stations for all to attempt.

@hwztech OPPO Watch x can track 100+ workouts, including your most favourite one. #OPPOWatchX #ElevateEveryMoment ♬ This Is Not Phonk - Bgnzinho

A unique feature of OPPO Watch X is that a few workouts, like running, are automatically detected when commenced. Other workouts, like machine rows, require the user to trigger the start and end them. 

Only one size, but fits (almost) all workouts

On a slim person's wrist, the OPPO Watch X appears oversized.

Before discussing the watch’s compatibility, let’s review the design first. OPPO Watch X is only offered in 46mm, featuring a stainless steel case, silicone straps, and three input modes for all its functions. A rotating dial doubles as a button for triggering the watch’s app drawer, and a separate oblong button south of the dial for triggering workouts. The third is its touchscreen-enabled 1.46-inch AMOLED display, where you swipe or tap to select, cancel and return to previous menus. 

The smartwatch definitely has a big watch case, since it still looks massive on a thicker wrist.

A limiting factor of its 46mm case meant that the watch looks natural only on persons with larger frames. For reference, Singapore’s OPPO spokesperson was a male, roughly size XS to S, with a lithe and slim frame. The OPPO Watch X appeared oversized on his wrist. Users who look better in 42mm or 44mm smartwatches may find the watch face bulky for their tastes, but that can be rectified with a little customisation via its watch strap and clock face to make it more suitable as a fashion statement.

The aftermath of our 2-minute rope skipping attempt.

But, we’re not ready to give up the OPPO Watch X simply because the fit isn’t perfect. The smartwatch is extremely powerful at tracking a wide variety of cardio-based sports, and it can give details to help you improve your form and rhythm. For example, we attempted the 2-minute rope-skipping station, and the OPPO Watch X could tell us details like our average and fastest number of jumps per minute, on top of basic details like the number of repetitions and duration of our exercise. Such detailed information was also seen when Allan Wu (@wulander on Instagram) attempted the machine rows, right down to his row's cadence (in strokes per minute).

According to OPPO, its badminton tracking is one of the most detailed out of all its workout tracking modes. When worn on the dominant (swinging) hand, the OPPO Watch X can tell the user their shot distribution,  swing speed, heart rate, and other metrics across 12 badminton attributes. Since we weren’t ready for a shuttlecock hitting our faces, we went around bugging other fitness influencers who tried badminton at the keynote to see and verify their stats. 

OPPO Watch X boasts up to 100 hours of battery uptime, and up to 12 days of standby on Power Saving Mode.

The OPPO Watch X is also designed for everyday living, with automatic sleep tracking that warns if you’re snoring too much (a sign of sleep apnea). It’s also IP68-rated for water and dust resistance, offering battery life that goes beyond expectations. Since unboxing our test unit, we never really scrambled for its charger, and a quick 10-minute charge in the midday was enough to bring it back to 80% (from 60%+).

Our OHealth snapshot after the keynote and demonstrations.

Finally, OPPO Watch X is compatible with both OPPO’s health tracking app, OHealth, and Google’s Health Connect. The latter is crucial because it aggregates all your workout and health data from other third-party apps, which means the OPPO Watch X can also be integrated into your tracking needs without much fuss. The only downside is that the watch runs on Wear OS 4, which means Apple and iOS users cannot participate in the fun. It’s worth noting that one of our Chinese ROM Android smartphones was also incompatible, so you’ll need an Android phone with global ROM (like any of the Android phones officially sold in Singapore).

OPPO Watch X offers 24/7 tracking of stress, blood oxygen, and heart rate.

In our short time with the wearable, we think that the OPPO Watch X is probably enough for any sedentary user to become an active one, just from the sheer amount of tracking data it pushes out and the number of workouts it supports. You don’t need to specialise in any one workout to feel better about having burn some extra calories.

Pricing, availability, and promotions of OPPO Watch X

OPPO Watch X keynote.

OPPO Watch X is available at S$499 in one size, 46mm. It’s officially available from 2 March 2024 onwards at official OPPO touchpoints, like the OPPO Online store, OPPO physical concept stores, OPPO’s Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, and TikTok channels, as well as iShopChangi and other authorised partners. Telcos like Singtel and StarHub will begin carrying the watch on 9 March 2024 onwards.

Until 31 March 2024, OPPO is running a promotion with an S$50 instant rebate with each purchase of the watch. The promotion also comes with a gift, where each purchase grants a complimentary OPPO Watch X Nylon Strap (random colours given, while stocks last). Singapore OPPO users also get a 1+1 Year Extended Local Warranty for the smartwatch, which is longer than the standard one-year warranty in other regions.

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