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HWZ’s year in review: Top feature stories of 2023

By Liu Hongzuo - 23 Dec 2023

HWZ’s year in review: Top feature articles of 2023

A year in review: HardwareZone's top feature articles of 2023.

HWZ's top feature articles in 2023

As the end of yet another eventful year approaches, here's a quick throwback to HardwareZone's top content of 2023.

In this article, we look at 10 of the most-read feature stories we shared in 2023. Thank you all for making HWZ the leading online technology portal in Asia Pacific, and supporting what we do. Here's our year in review as we look forward to another.

1. Contract and SIM-only plans for Apple iPhone 15 series

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max colours.

Readers made sure to make a pit stop at HWZ for a comprehensive bird's eye view of the Apple iPhone 15 series launch, where we collected information from various telcos and compiled its mobile bundles in one article. With so many promos dangled by telcos designed to entice, it boils down to figuring out your best fit before venturing further and securing the device itself. After all, what's a phone without a phone plan?

Read the article here.

2. IT Show 2023 previews, and what to expect

IT Show 2023.

Consumer technology fairs can be a real minefield, especially if you're serious about buying something good and trying to figure out if it's really a deal (that's better than elsewhere or online). Who better to figure out where the good stuff hides? Perhaps the booth thinks their latest offer is a star buy, but there's always a better alternative if you scrutinise the rest of their wares. That's what HWZ does best.

Read the article here.

3. Black Friday 2023 shopping guide

Black Friday 2023 shopping guide.

See? We weren't kidding when we said it's all about knowing where to find the right deals; moreso since the Internet and online shopping is a vast expanse of things to see, buy, and use. Our readers absolutely devoured our Black Friday 2023 recommendations. Our list even compiled all the key promotions happening with each brand and platform, replete with extra HWZ-specific codes and perks for our best people (that's you, the one reading this). 

It helps that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are closely associated, giving consumer technology gadgets a day to shine online.

Read the article here.

4. How to whiten your yellowed plastic gadgets

A vintage SNES due for some whitening.

One of our best-read pieces is detailed instructions and tips on keeping yellowing gadgets looking pristine and white again. This feature has survived more than 10 years since its publication, helping more people than we can realistically count. No spoilers, though, because it's well worth the read.

Read the article here.

5. Xiaomi 13 Ultra hands-on

Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

This detailed piece on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra's camera array, software features, and specs proved very popular, as it summarised what Xiaomi fans could truly expect from its Ultra variant of premium-grade devices. Xiaomi traditionally did not bring in Ultra units to Singapore until its 13 Ultra, which also stirred the curiosity of users who've always wondered why they sold so well elsewhere and kept leaving Singapore barren.

If you're wondering, yes, it's officially sold out on Xiaomi's official platforms. You'll have to figure out how to buy one from the grey market now.

Read the article here.

6. Casio's new outlet at Jewel Changi Airport

Casio's 40th anniversary "Clear Remix" special watches.

Long-time Japanese watch brand Casio is a fan-favourite among our readers, which is a cause for celebration when it launched a new outlet in Jewel Changi Airport (also another popular destination among our readers). This gallery gave an insight into what the store offers, on top of the special 40th-anniversary promotions that were also thrown into the mix.

Read the article here.

7. Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi 7

Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi 7.

What does Wi-Fi 7 offer that existing Wi-Fi standards can't? Do I need to upgrade my router? If I have to, when's a good time to do so? The title says it all: it's everything you need to know about Wi-Fi 7, which is especially helpful for home or small business owners, ensuring that they have smooth, speedy Internet when called upon.

Read the article here.

8. Apple iPad buying guide 2023

Apple iPad Pro.

Despite having a homogeneous operating system and consistent device quality across different SKUs, Apple's iPad tablet can be very confusing for buyers trying to find the right fit among all the available choices.

It gets more complicated as the tablets do not follow a rigid refresh cycle like their iPhones, with each generational upgrade sometimes being years apart despite seeing new iPads every year. Our buying guide helped to distil what is essential to each type of iPad, and whether you should get an alternative within its existing stable, or hold on for another launch.

Read the article here.

9. Apple iPhone 15 series buying guide 2023

Apple iPhone 15.

Closely following our iPad buying guide is the iPhone 15 series' version, where the essence of iPhone 15's latest and greatest was drawn out to help you decide. Not everyone has the time to stay up for a keynote, and those online streams don't tell you everything relevant to your use case and style. Short videos are nice, but it's also rare for Apple to make a lousy phone to get anything less than a glowing review with a raving fanboy on camera. You wanted to know which specific model was the best fit, and how.

That's why the iPhone 15 series buying guide was one of our top-read pieces here.

Read the article here.

10. Top cars seen at Motor Show 2023

Motor Show 2023.

With the automobile tradeshow for consumers taking a three-year break, it's not surprising that our readers were curious about the new cars available in Singapore. It's extra pertinent these days given how we're straddling between petrol versus electric vehicles; expectations for both can go really high, given the insane amounts of money it costs to afford either type of private automobile on our sunny island.

That, and it's sometimes nice to look at cars.

Read the article here.

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