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All You Need to Know about Ultrabooks

The Ultimate Guide to Ultrabooks

Intel probably heard the death knell of the netbook early in 2011, when Apple worked closely with them to get the right kind of low-voltage processor that is both powerful, and energy efficient for their latest line of MacBook Air notebooks. Having said that, the demise of the netbook is inevitable as it was only a stop-gap measure to satisfy simple computing usage with a light and small profile. Ultimately, the goal is to have notebooks that are slim, sexy, powerful and affordable - this is exactly what Intel wanted to carve out with the "Ultrabook" segment.

So what parameters define an Ultrabook , how do they compare against other notebooks, what can you expect from an Ultrabook and how can you be sure you’re buying into the right one? We capture all the info you need to know on this new product group in our Ultrabook Tech Guide - complete with a video overview!

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ASUS Zenbook UX302 review

ASUS Zenbook UX302 - The Classiest Zenbook Yet

REVIEW / 17 Feb 2014 / By James Lu

Very few 13.3-inch Ultrabooks are armed with both an Intel Haswell processor and a discrete NVIDIA GPU - in fact, there's only two: Acer's Aspire S3 (2013) and the notebook we'll be reviewing, ASUS' Zenbook UX302. But with extra power comes extra size and weight. Is the trade-off worth it? We find out.

Sony Vaio Fit 13A (Intel Core i5) review

Sony Vaio Fit 13A - Fit to Flip

REVIEW / 18 Jan 2014 / By Leo Boon Yeow

The Sony Vaio Fit 13A is Sony's second convertible Ultrabook. In fact, Sony boasts the Fit 13A has the best of the older Vaio Duo 13 and Pro 13 laptops. Using the latest fourth generation Intel Core U-series processor, 8GB RAM and SSD storage, we check out this good looking convertible and if it can best its close competitors - including Sony's own stable of Ultrabooks.

ASUS Transformer Book Trio (Intel Core i7) review

ASUS Transformer Book Trio - Triple Threat

REVIEW / 27 Dec 2013 / By Leo Boon Yeow

The 11.6-inch ASUS Transformer Book Trio is essentially a hybrid Ultrabook with an Intel Core U-series processor. However, take it apart and it becomes two devices: a standalone Android tablet, while its keyboard dock acts as a desktop PC. Does it offer double the value? Find out how it fared in our assessment.

Fujitsu Launches New Touch Enabled Enterprise Notebooks and Tablets for 2014

Fujitsu Launches New Touch Enabled Enterprise Notebooks and Tablets for 2014

FEATURE / 20 Dec 2013 / By Leo Boon Yeow

Fujitsu recently revealed their new range of touch-enabled business-class products that combine enterprise features like security, with user-friendly design. Hop in and find what they've in store for 2014.

Hands-on with HP's New Products Coming this Holiday Season

Hands-on with HP's New Products Coming this Holiday Season

FEATURE / 04 Oct 2013 / By Kenny Yeo & Leo Boon Yeow

HP has just provided us with a special preview of their latest products that will be launched closer to the year-end holiday season, which includes a new Windows hybrid notebook, an Ultrabook, a desktop AIO and an Android tablet. Here's our first impressions of them.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 (Core i5) review

Sony Vaio Pro 13 - Start of a Promising Comeback

REVIEW / 16 Sep 2013 / By Leo Boon Yeow

The Sony Vaio Pro 13 will be picking up where the Sony Vaio Z left off, and will be the company's professional offering this year. However, Sony is asking you to pay S$1999 for the Core i5 version. Will it be worth the asking price? We find out.

Hands-on: Sony Vaio Tap 11, World's Thinnest Windows Tablet

Hands-on: Sony Vaio Tap 11, World's Thinnest Windows Tablet

FEATURE / 04 Sep 2013 / By Leo Boon Yeow

Sony has just unveiled a 11-inch tablet with Ultrabook-like components, similar to Microsoft's own Surface Pro tablet, but a lot sleeker. The Vaio Tap 11 has a dual-core Intel Core processor, as well as a digitizer (N-trig technology) that lets you draw or write on the tablet. Check out our brief experience with it.

Hands-on: Sony Fit 15/15E

Hands-on: Sony Fit 15/15E

FEATURE / 06 Jun 2013 / By David Chieng

Check out Sony's new mainstream laptop, the VAIO Fit. The VAIO Fit is available in Singapore only in a 15-inch form factor, but with two distinct variants in the form of the Fit 15 and the Fit 15E.