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ZTE introduces the Axon M – dual screen smartphone with a hinge

By Liu Hongzuo - on 9 Jan 2018, 7:57pm

ZTE introduces the Axon M – dual screen smartphone with a hinge

Note: This article was published on 20th October 2017 and is now updated with pricing and hands-on photos.

Did ZTE just get the jump on Samsung and their foldable smartphone development? The Chinese phone maker just announced the ZTE Axon M, a foldable smartphone with two 5.2-inch panels placed side by side, and held together with a hinge.

If you hop over to the ZTE website, you can see that the ZTE Axon M’s displays offer a few handy features that are reminiscent of convertible ultrabooks. Mirror Mode displays the same video content on both panels, and the user can prop the device up like a tent – this can be handy when you’re showing videos to a friend in places with inflexible seating arrangements.

The phone also allows the user to spread the phone’s content across both displays – according to ZTE, the firm is using default Android split-screen support to utilize some of the dual screen functions. For instance, any ‘stretched’ app uses the tablet display version instead, if there’s one.

The dual screens come in really handy when apps are able to flow across both screens such as the messaging app here.

Web browsing across dual screens is a treat!

Hardware-wise, the two 5.2-inch displays are Full HD (1080p), and they both use Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Powering them is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC, with 4GB RAM and a single, 20-megapixel camera on the device. It's running on Android 7.1 OS (Nougat). Since it has dual displays, the phone is thick and heavy – at 12.1mm and 230g, with 3,180mAh battery capacity. You can see the full list of specifications here.

Currently, the phone is exclusive only to the U.S. – it will go to other markets, with more details to be revealed in the future. ZTE said that the Axon M would have a “premium smartphone” asking price of US$725.

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