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ZMF's gorgeous new Atrium headphone features a new damping system and an eye-watering price tag

By Kenny Yeo - on 8 Apr 2022, 10:04am

ZMF's gorgeous new Atrium headphone features a new damping system and an eye-watering price tag

ZMF Atrium (Image source: ZMF)

This is the ZMF Atrium and it looks gorgeous. It's also the company's first headphone in almost three years. Their last release was the Verite in 2019.

On paper, the Atrium seems to have a lot in common with the Auteur which we reviewed back in 2018. They both have open designs and use bio-cellulose drivers. 

However, the Atrium takes things up a notch with an all-new design that includes what the company calls the Atrium damping system.

ZMF is coy on what the system does and would only say that the system allows for the drivers and tuning to be adjustable through "damping material PPI (pores per inch), density, radius of application, and intermediary distance of application of the damping material to the driver and spatial volume of the headphone cup."

The Atrium features the company's new Atrium damping system. (Image source: ZMF)

In other words, ZMF now has greater control and the ability to fine-tune the amount of damping that is required for each driver and headphone. It allows them to "choose how little or much damping is needed,  which back waves we want to keep, and which we want to get rid of for the optimal acoustic headphone system." You can read more about the Atrium damping system here.

The rest of the headphone is classic ZMF, that is to say, it's beautiful. Like all ZMF headphones, the Atrium features wood cups and the stock wood option is currently Cherry. Since wood is an organic material, no two ZMF headphone will look completely identical.

Customers can also customise their headphones with different chassis materials (aluminium or magnesium), and also choose the material of their headband, strap, and earpad (leather or suede). 

Like all ZMF headphones, the Atrium uses mini-XLR connectors and comes with a ZMF stock braided cable. The headphone is delivered in a sturdy Seahorse case and all headphones come with a lifetime driver warranty.


Availability and pricing

(Image source: ZMF)

The ZMF Atrium is available locally at Zeppelin and Co. and prices start at S$3,399.

Newcomers to high-end headphones might baulk at the price, but I think the amount of handcrafting that goes into the headphone justifies it. Each wood cup is finished by hand, and each headphone has to be tuned individually. They are not the same as headphones produced off a factory assembly line.

Furthermore, the 3k mark is really the starting point these days for ultra high-end endgame-level headphones these days. Just check out our high-end planar magnetic shootout from 2019. The most affordable headphone in that shootout was S$2,899. The priciest? An incredible S$9,500.

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