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Zensorium Launches Blood Oxygen Level Monitor for the iPhone at CES Unveiled 2012

By Dr. Jimmy Tang - on 9 Jan 2012, 3:12pm

Zensorium Launches Blood Oxygen Level Monitor for the iPhone at CES Unveiled 2012

For those concerned about their own wellbeing, the new TINKÉ sensor attachment for the iPhone may just be the gadget you're looking for. The tiny device attaches to your iPhone via the connector and it is able to measure your heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen level via the sensors built into the device. According to Zensorium, it measures these vital information through LED light transmitted through your thumb. Such measurement tools are common in hospitals but the folks at Zensorium has integrated all that into a tiny portable attachment that interfaces with the iPhone. 

The measurement is carried out using an app that interfaces with the device through the iPhone connector. Each time you take any of these measurements, the app will store all of these information in your iPhone and it'll give you a good historical look at your health. You can even share these vital info with your friends or family through TINKÉ's own social network. Of course, such information could be very personal, so users can select who they want to share these with. But the goal is really to help keep track of each other's health. Who knows, it'll probably be a remote tool to help doctors to monitor one's health. The information could also be shared anonymously, so users could compare their vital information with others. 

So who really needs such a tool? Besides the health buff, people with respiratory or heart disease would benefit with such a monitoring tool that they can use whenever and wherever. Developed by a startup company located in Singapore's Biopolis research park, the device will soon be available for about US$100.

The TINKÉ device measures your vital signs using LED light transmitted through your thumb.

The TINKÉ sensing device comes in a variety of colors.

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