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Two major streaming apps won't be supported on the Apple Vision Pro

By Shawn Tan - on 22 Jan 2024, 8:00am

Two major streaming apps won't be supported on the Apple Vision Pro

YouTube and Spotify join Netflix in not having a native app for the Apple Vision Pro.

Despite having more than one million apps across iOS and iPadOS available for the Apple Vision Pro, another two major streaming apps will not be supported on the spatial computing device at launch.

YouTube shared in a statement that there will be no native app support on the Apple Vision Pro. In addition, its iPadOS app will not work on the Vision Pro. However, Apple Vision Pro users can still use YouTube in Safari.

Spotify also says it has no plans to develop a native app for the Vision Pro. Like YouTube, its iPadOS app is also incompatible with the Vision Pro. Spotify users are likely to be able to access the music streaming service from Safari.

This development came shortly after Netflix confirmed it is not making an app for the Vision Pro. Netflix users can still access via the web browser on the Vision Pro.

Netflix and YouTube both compete directly with Apple's AppleTV+ video streaming service, whereas Spotify's biggest rival is Apple's Apple Music music streaming service.

The lack of native app support from the three major streaming service providers does not bode well with the positioning of the Apple Vision Pro as an entertainment device. If and when they decide to support, Apple says it is easy for developers to port their iPadOS apps to visionOS.

Source: Bloomberg

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