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Your solid state drive may get more expensive in the coming months

By Wong Chung Wee - on 5 Dec 2016, 3:24pm

Your solid state drive may get more expensive in the coming months

The SSD 960 Evo is Samsung's more affordable PCIe-based SSD.

According to DRAMeXchange, your SSD might get more expensive in the coming months. The said site, which provides market insights into DRAM, flash memory, and PC markets, issued a recent report that suggests this very likely scenario. This is due to the confluence of rising demand, and reduced supply of NAND flash chips.

One of the reasons for this reduction is due to the switch from 2D- to 3D NAND manufacturing process by the chip manufacturers. As a result of this “technological transition” by the manufacturers, the overall output of the entire industry has been reduced. In addition, DRAMeXchange reported Samsung and SK Hynix have benefitted from increased demand from Chinese smartphone manufacturers for eMMC and UFS storage options.

In terms of revenue, DRAMeXchange reported that NAND flash revenue grew 19.6% in Q3 this year, in comparison with Q2 revenue figures of this year. The market outlook for the final quarter of 2016, indicates a tighter supply of NAND flash chip due to increased demand for end user products, in particularly, smartphones. This will very likely lead to price increments for the NAND chips. As a result, PC upgraders may have to fork out more in order to secure their coveted SSDs.

(Source: DRAMeXchange via Digital Trends)

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