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You won't believe how safe small cars are today

By Kenny Yeo - on 6 Feb 2017, 10:05am

You won't believe how safe small cars are today

The Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) was founded in 1997 to assess the safety standards of new cars. 

Cars that were tested were given awarded star ratings. The top score is five stars. It has played a big part in improving the overall safety of cars in the past two decades.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Euro NCAP, Thatcham Research took the latest Honda Jazz and a Rover 100 from 1997 and crashed test them to see just how far small cars have come in terms of safety.

The latest Honda Jazz has a Euro NCAP score of five stars and is widely regarded as one of the safest small cars you can buy today. 

The Rover 100, on the other hand, was one of the earliest cars to undergo Euro NCAP testing. It did poorly, scoring just a single star. The difference, as you might expect, is palpable.

There's lots of shattered glass and crumpled metal. If you are uncomfortable with either, I suggest you don't hit play.

Source: Top Gear

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