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You can now bring your PC save for Witcher 3 onto the Switch

By Kenneth Ang - on 19 Feb 2020, 3:48pm

You can now bring your PC save for Witcher 3 onto the Switch

Image: CD Projekt RED

Pop quiz: do you think The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could possibly get any better than it already is?

Well, of course it can. It just did.

Ok, so the game itself hasn't changed per se, but the user experience has seen a major quality of life improvement. Apart from the usual bug fixes and performance tuning, the latest update for Wild Hunt on Switch also brings with it a "Cloud Saves" menu, and before you ask, yes - it is cross-platform.

According to Kotaku's report on it (thanks, guys), players will now be able to continue playing their Steam or GOG save file of Wild Hunt on the Switch, which means you won't have to grind everything out again if you've just picked up a copy of it for the latter. Just enter the Cloud Saves menu, log in to your respective account and select which save file you'd like to play. 

That's good news for the most part, but the system isn't perfect. Developer CD Projekt RED has issued a reminder that using the Cloud Saves feature will bring any "mod-related bugs and blockers" along with your PC save file, so do be careful. Additionally, if you've accidentally changed the name of the save file, the Switch won't be able to detect it. 

Anyway, the developers haven't yet confirmed if the Cloud Saves works both ways, but we have a hunch that it does - there's no point in leaving the chicken half-cooked here. Nevertheless, you might want to create a backup save on PC in case something does happen along the way.