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XPG launches Cybercore II Platinum ATX 3.0 power supplies

By Hoots the Owl - on 31 Mar 2023, 1:26am

XPG launches Cybercore II Platinum ATX 3.0 power supplies

Image Source: XPG

XPG, a gamers-oriented sub-brand of the longstanding data storage brand ADATA, has announced the release of the Cybercore II, its newest Platinum-certified, modular power supply units.

Available in 1,000W and 1,300W variants, the Cybercore II is designed for power-hungry enthusiasts who outfit their systems with only the best hardware and components, particularly the latest generation of graphics cards. Both models are ATX 3.0 compliant with a PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR (12+4 Pin) connector, which means they will work with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series cards without the need for a separate adapter.

And according to XPG, the Nidec-designed thermal solution makes it one of the coolest and quietest ATX 3.0 power supplies on the market. Guaranteed for up to 60,000 hours at 60 °C, this cooling solution delivers highly effective cooling while delivering some of the lowest noise performance at the ATX platinum level currently available.

The Cybercore II has also received Platinum certifications from both Cybenetics and 80 Plus, setting a new benchmark for PSUs with dual certifications. It offers an efficiency rating of 92.91%, higher than the platinum certification baseline.

On top of that, it has a Cybenetics Lambda A- certification for acoustics, largely thanks to the XPG Vento Pro 120 PWM fan, designed in collaboration with Nidec.

The thermal and acoustic performance is even more impressive when you take into consideration the compact length of the unit, measuring only 16cm. The small form factor allows PC builders to better maximize the space inside any ATX chassis, which translates to better cable management and more space for additional hardware.

We'll update this space when we get word about local availability.

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