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Holiday Gift Idea 6: A snow white set of ROG peripherals for your setup

By Glenn Chua - on 21 Dec 2021, 5:21pm

Holiday Gift Ideas 6: A snow white set of peripherals for your setup

ASUS ROG Strix Scope NX TKL and Strix Impact II Mouse (Moonlight White)

If you're looking for some new peripherals this season to refresh your setup, or if you're looking to help a friend who's getting a new PC some peripherals to help them save the money they still have, why not get something that fits this season's winter-y theme?

If that sounds appealing to you, why not take a gander at some peripherals from ASUS ROG in its Moonlight White colours. Specifically, take a look at the Strix Scope NX TKL keyboard and Strix Impact II mouse.

Strix Scope NX TKL mechanical gaming keyboard

Starting with the Strix Scope NX TKL, the strangest feature you immediately notice is the extra-wide left CTRL key. This is part of what ASUS ROG calls its 'Xccurate Design', where a widened CTRL key, about as long as the left Shift, is meant to prevent accidental keypresses on something like the Windows Key. You may find this useful in fast-paced gameplay, where one wrong keypress can make the difference.

The Strix Scope NX TKL also has a few more tricks up its sleeve, such as a Stealth Key to hide all apps and audio with a single press, a Quick Toggle button that switches the function row between media and function keys, and ASUS ROG’s NX mechanical switches.

In its Moonlight White colourway, the Strix Scope NX TKL features a bright, two-toned design, with the white on the alphanumeric block and function row contrasting with the grey on the modifiers and navigation keys, sitting atop an aluminium plate. The keyboard also has RGB, controlled through Aura Sync lighting software on ROG's Armoury Crate app, so if you want to fully lean in with the white aesthetic, you can. 

Strix Impact II gaming mouse

Next up is the Strix Impact II ambidextrous gaming mouse. It features a 6,200dpi sensor with a pivoted button mechanism, where reduced switch travel provides a quick return and, as ROG claims, faster responsiveness. It also boasts a 1,000Hz polling rateRGB through Aura Sync lighting on Armoury Crate, and a four-way DPI switch.

As for the weight, it comes in at a decent 79g with the cable. While it may not be the lightest in its class, the soft white rubber cable means that it can glide easier regardless. The ridged edge on the side of the mouse could also help with grip too. Of course, it features a similar two-toned design in Moonlight White, similar to the Strix Scope NX keyboard. It flaunts a snowy white contrasted with a metallic-looking gray, this time across the middle and sides of the mouse.

The Strix Scope NX TKL and Strix Impact II are available on Challenger's online store (which, if you're interested, is running its Pick & Mix campaign which will end on the 25th December), for S$259 and S$79 respectively. If these peripherals stand out to you in their Moonlight White colours, why not consider getting these unique-looking pieces of gear for yourself or a friend.


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