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Holiday Gift Idea 5: An air purifier that boasts utmost protection

By Glenn Chua - on 20 Dec 2021, 5:11pm

Holiday Gift Ideas 5: An air purifier that boasts utmost protection

Ruhens Egg Ionic Air Purifier

Though we may not be staying at home much anymore with WFH (work-from-home) no longer being the default come January 1st 2022, it never hurts to make sure the air in the house we come back to every evening is clean. That's where this air purifier comes in, and though it may look peculiar at first, it has the credentials to back it up.

First and foremost, the Egg Ionic Air Purifier uses what Ruhens calls 4-stage Air Purification, which is essentially four different layers for capturing different-sized and different kinds of pollutants and particles.

The process starts off with a Pre-Filter for larger pollutants like hair, dust and pollen. A Carbon Filter and a Perfect Filter cleans the air of substances that make unpleasant odours, such as formaldehyde, with Ruhens even claiming that the Perfect Filter can suppress bacterial growth. In the last stage of filtration sits a HEPA Filter, the most precise out of all four, which can trap 99.9% of microscopic particles, including tobacco smoke, pollen, mould spores and house dust. Find out why this is important in our air purifier buying guide. All in all, the air purifier reports a coverage area of 33.1m2

Apart from that, the Egg Ionic Air Purifier also has a few smart settings for your convenience, operated through buttons on the air purifier itself, including mood lighting and a filter replacement indicator, both through an LED at the bottom, and a smart sleep mode. There are also settings for fan speed and a timer for two, four and eight hours.

Finally, the Egg Ionic Air Purifier's LED can also indicate the quality of the air in the environment it's in, with blue for signalling clean air, green indicating low pollution, purple for medium pollution and red for high pollution. 

Though the Egg Ionic Air Purifier might be a step investment with its S$961.93 price, if you, a friend or a loved one are suffering from allergies and could use a good quality-of-life boost to ring in the new year, it could be a good investment. You can find it on Ruhens' website here.


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