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Holiday Gift Idea 1: A smart way to jazz your lighting setup

By Glenn Chua - on 16 Dec 2021, 3:22pm

Holiday Gift Ideas 1: A smart way to jazz your lighting setup

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons Smart Lights Starter Kit

Take a look around your room. For many of us, chances there’s not a lot of opportunities for atmospheric lighting, given that our artificial light sources are often our screens and a single fluorescent or LED bulb on the ceiling.

That’s where Nanoleaf comes in. One of the company's standout product ranges is its RGB light panels of different form factors and sizes. Its biggest range of light panels is its ‘Shapes’ lineup. The Shapes range, you guessed it, offers light panels of different shapes: hexagon, triangle and mini triangle, each for your aesthetic and design preferences.


Fancy lights for a festive time

The main draw of Nanoleaf’s Shapes is their Connect+ functionality; the panels can be connected in any desired layout, shape or form, with their designs allowing for tessellated designs to form a mosaic of colours on your wall. Of course, you get the full gamut of 16 million colours.

Additionally, the Shapes panels come with light patterns as well, including Music Sync, where an onboard microphone listens out for music and creates reactive lighting, Touch Control, where you can control settings such as turning on/off, adjusting brightness and changing lighting scenes, and even play interactive touch games, and Match Mode through Screen Mirror, where the Shapes panels can replicate the colour on your screen through the Nanoleaf Desktop App.

There’s also Layout Detect, where you can adjust and change animations based on your layout. No need to worry about adhesives as well, as ten strips of double-sided mounting tape are included in the box.

The Nanoleaf Mobile App is where you’ll find the detailed settings such as setting colour schemes for different Scenes, which are essentially lighting profiles, scheduling for waking up and winding down, and Layout Assistant, which helps you demo lighting designs before you paste the panels up on your wall. If you want, the Shapes panels are also compatible with smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

If you’re in the mood to set up some festive lighting without having to deal with stringing up bulbs, or if you just want to spice up your setup with some fancy lights, the Nanoleaf has you covered. The Shapes, available start at S$199 for the Mini Triangle Starter Kit, which includes five panels, S$229 for the five-panel Hexagon Starter Kit, and S$339 for the nine-panel Hexagon Starter Kit and Triangle Starter Kit.


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