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Holiday Gift Idea 2: A colourful and compact audio upgrade that packs a punch

By Glenn Chua - on 17 Dec 2021, 4:11pm

Holiday Gift Ideas 2: A colourful and compact audio upgrade that packs a punch

Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2

When it comes to consuming content of all kinds, good sound is an incredibly important factor. For films, TV and video games, having good visuals should be just as important as having good sound reproduction, lest the work of many an audio engineer and soundtrack composer go to waste. For music, of course, good sound isn't just a battle, it's the entire war.

Enter the Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2, the sequel to the original Katana of 2017. As we noted in our hands-on of the original Katana, the sound system's Engaging Concert Mode was capable of a wider soundstage than your average soundbar. It was almost as if the sound was coming from separate speakers spread apart from each other, which was impressive given its small size.

This was thanks to the multiple drivers in the original Katana, proprietary sound processing, as well as what it calls ‘tri-amplification’, where three amplifiers are each designed to handle low, mid and high frequencies.

The Katana V2 retains these features and throws in a few upgrades in sound and convenience. The V2 sees power improvements including a greater maximum peak output, a 6.5-inch subwoofer replacing the 5.25-inch one, and 3/4-inch fabric dome tweeters instead of the original 1.34-inch aluminium dome ones. As we noted earlier this year, these changes seem to mean that the V2 should now be capable of handling even louder audio without distortion. All this in a soundbar measuring no deeper than 6cm, and a subwoofer enclosure that's just a little more than the length of your typical long ruler used in school for its depth and height.

The Katana V2 also sees the introduction of some of Creative’s Super X-Fi features. These include Headphone Holography, where you can emulate the soundstage you would normally get with multiple speakers over wired headphones, SXFI Battle Mode for gamers to pinpoint sounds with better accuracy, as well as a built-in microphone for communication convenience in front of your PC. The V2 also sees the addition of USB-C connectivity, an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0 and introduces HDMI, which allows you to hook it up to a monitor or TV and frees up the 3.5mm and optical digital audio ports.

Of course, the Katana V2 keeps the iconic Aurora RGB lighting strip on the underside of the soundbar, with different lighting effects, including reactive lighting. The remote also makes a return, albeit looking more sophisticated with six customisable buttons and toggles for the different Super X-Fi modes.

If you’re looking to upgrade your audio setup this holiday season to enjoy some comfy Christmas films with your family and friends, or if you want to up your desk setup to game with the extra time you have this year-end, it's nice to know that Creative has got your back. The Katana V2 is available on Creative's website for S$479.


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