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Holiday Gift Idea 5: Bring an immersive audio experience into any room

By Ken Wong - on 20 Dec 2020, 3:30pm

Holiday Gift Idea 5: Bring an immersive experience into your home

Creative Stage V2 soundbar

The update to the 2019 version, the Creative Stage V2 has new Clear Dialogue audio technology that allows users to hear each syllable clearly without cranking up the volume as the spoken dialogue is extracted and amplified without compromising the ambient effects. It is fitted with two custom-tuned mid-range drivers and a capable subwoofer that augments the surround sound technology, to fill any room using it with satisfying audio and bring users closer to the action on-screen.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth, aux-in, optical-in, and USB-C so you can also enjoy the same immersive audio experience when you game. Easily connect to devices including computers, mobile phones, tablets, or even gaming consoles like the latest PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Buy it this festive season for S$149 from the Creative Online Store and get free shipping.


Don't shortchange your screen time

Bringing sound front and centre where it counts.

Enjoying entertainment at home has long been a family favourite with children and parents cheering on the good guys, booing the bad, and getting involved and immersed in the whole movie watching experience.

These days it's even easier with high-resolution TVs and projectors making the viewing part more vivid and clear.

But that is only part of the equation. To fully round things off, we need to include sound. Every oomph of an explosion, rattle of gunfire, cheer of the crowd, groans of fear, sound adds to the atmosphere in a way mere visuals alone can’t. It is the combination of visuals and sound that complete our enjoyment of a movie.

That said, it's an often overlooked component partly because it is expensive to recreate a good audio experience. But that's going to change with Creative's latest home audio soundbar entry that's a perfect fit for small spaces and rooms. At 680mm wide and only 78mm in height, it's an easy to manage size that would pair well for TVs and widescreen monitors alike. For more images of the product, check out this Facebook post.


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