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Xiaomi's Mi Water Purifier purifies up to 76 barrels of water per day, and you can monitor it with an app

By Cookie Monster - on 17 Jul 2015, 10:20am

Xiaomi's Mi Water Purifier purifies up to 76 barrels of water per day, and you can monitor it with an app

(Image source: Xiaomi.)

The Mi TV 2S isn't the only new product that Xiaomi has announced; the other one is a water purifier.

Simply called the Mi Water Purifier, it uses reverse osmosis technology, which enables it to filter heavy metals, nitrite, bacteria, and organic matter from tap water to comply with bottled water standards. The four-step filtration process involves the use of:

  1. A quality PP cotton filter with 5 micron filter accuracy to remove sediment, rust, red worms, hair, fibers and other large impurities 
  2. An activated coconut carbon filter to reduce discoloration, odor, chlorine taste and volatile organic compounds
  3. Dow/GE reverse osmosis membranes with 0.0001 micron filtration accuracy to purify up to 95% more than the industry standard
  4. A post-filter activated coconut carbon filter to improve the taste of the water

Aside from these technicalities, the Mi Water Purifier (which Xiaomi says can purify up to 76 barrels of water per day) is also said to be the world's first integrated waterway with no leakage. It can be installed in three easy steps by removing the tap bubbler, attaching the connection adapter, and connecting the purifier faucet. Its base area of 205 x 260 x 410mm means that it occupies a smaller footprint compared to a piece of A4 paper.

Like every gadget Xiaomi is doing these days, the Mi Water Purifier is also a smart device. It can be monitored via the Mi Home app, allowing users to check real-time filter effectiveness, and even reminding users to change filters, which can be purchased directly within the app.

The Mi Water Purifier will be available from July 28 in China at a price of RMB 1,299 (~S$285)

Source: Xiaomi.

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