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Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 is a small and quiet air filter for your home

By Koh Wanzi - on 24 Nov 2015, 5:16pm

Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 is a small and quiet air filter for your home

The new Mi Air Purifier 2 is a lot more compact than its predecessor. (Image Source: Xiaomi)

Despite its fairly sleek looks, the first Mi Air Purifier still stood at 735mm tall, making it a bit too large and intrusive for the choosy home owner. Now, Xiaomi has rectified things with the Mi Air Purifier 2, a more efficient and quieter device that also takes up considerably less space.

How much less? Well, it stands at 520mm tall now and its base takes up less space than a single sheet of A4 paper. The Mi Air Purifier 2 is still no midget, but it is definitely a lot easier on the eyes, and the home décor, now.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 (right) compared to the first Mi Air Purifier. (Image Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi says the more compact design is made possible by a new single-motor, dual-fan design, which has enabled it to shrink its dimensions by up to 40% over its predecessor. However, its smaller size means that the Mi Air Purifier 2 has had to take a slight performance hit compared to the predecessor's dual-motor design. Its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), or the amount of air it cleans per minute, is now 330m3/h in standard mode, compared to the 406m3/h on the larger model.

Still, this can go up to 388m3/h in active mode and Xiaomi says it can filter the air in a 23m2 room in only 10 minutes.

In addition, the Mi Air Purifier 2 is reportedly quieter, operating at a whisper-quiet 30dB in night mode, and is also 58% more efficient than the original purifier.

Its price has also come down, and it retails for just RMB699 (~S$155), compared to the RMB899 (~S$199) of the Mi Air Purifier. The filters are also sold separately, with the standard one costing RMB149 (~S$33) and an enhanced version costing RMB169 (~S$37). The Mi Air Purifier 2 will be available to buy from 10am onward on 27 November on Xiaomi's website.

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