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Xiaomi moves international user data outside of China

By Hafeez Sim - on 23 Oct 2014, 9:57am

Xiaomi moves international user data outside of China


With Xiaomi aiming to be a global player in mobile phones, International VP  Hugo Barra has disclosed that the Chinese company will be moving its international user data to servers outside of China. Users in China will still have their data on local servers. 

This move will not only cut down network request latency as well as speed up Mi Cloud photosync for users, but also ease the fear of user data being accessed by the Chinese government. The company was found to be sharing user information like the phone's IMEI number, user's phone number and phone contacts with Chinese servers, which of course led people to worry about the Chinese government accessing their data. And there was no way to opt out of the Cloud Messaging service, which uploaded the sensitive data (Xiaomi would later make the service an opt-in one).

Xiaomi's global e-commerce platforms and user data for international users have been moved from their Beijing data centers to Amazon AWS data centers in California (USA) and Singapore, though MIUI service data is still in the process of being moved over.

Source: Google+ (Hugo Barra) 

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