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Xiaomi announces new "Human x Car x Home" smart ecosystem at MWC 2024

By Cheryl Tan - on 27 Feb 2024, 2:02pm

Xiaomi announces new "Human x Car x Home" smart ecosystem at MWC 2024

Xiaomi MWC 2024. Source: Xiaomi.

Back in late 2023, Xiaomi announced not only that it was moving from MIUI to HyperOS in a bid to create an interconnected ecosystem that can work with all of its many AIoT devices, but also unveiled its first electric vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7

Source: Xiaomi.

At MWC 2024, Xiaomi announced its new "Human x Car x Home" smart ecosystem to merge personal devices, smart home devices and cars for seamless connectivity.

“At Xiaomi, technology will always be centered on humanity. Our innovation is designed first and foremost based on the needs of our users. “Human x Car x Home” embodies this, our commitment to providing comprehensive, better connected experiences. By integrating people, cars, and homes, we aim to create an end-to-end interconnectivity beyond anything available today.” - Daniel Desjarlais, Director of Communications Xiaomi International.

More than just interconnectivity, Xiaomi claims this new ecosystem will be able to adapt to the preferences and wants of users, with the operating system able to anticipate and react to needs. 

Source: Xiaomi.

While there's not much information on what this means, we reckon it's most likely along the lines of learning a user's routine and habits and automating repeated tasks. Perhaps someone likes to remotely turn on their air purifier after leaving the house for work, or they like to turn on the air-conditioner once they reach home. These behaviours can be learned and automated if the person uses Xiaomi's ecosystem of smart devices. 

Of course, this is moving past just smart homes with the "Human x Car x Home" ecosystem that's designed to incorporate cars as well, just in time for Xiaomi's Europe debut of the SU7 EVs. 

Xiaomi SU7. Source: Xiaomi.

With the SU7 being announced last year, Xiaomi did say that production was due to start in the first half of 2024, with domestic deliveries in China starting as early as Q2 2024. For now, the SU7 is a China-only product, but we'll certainly be keeping an eye out for it if it comes to Singapore.

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