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Xbox Series X users are reporting multiple disc drive problems

By Tim Augustin - on 12 Nov 2020, 4:42pm

Xbox Series X users are reporting multiple disc drive problems

Image: Microsoft

Next-gen is here! With a couple of issues sure, but at least it’s finally here. 

Microsoft’s new next-generation gaming consoles the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now available worldwide for everyone to get their hands on. Next generation launches typically never happen without at least a few hiccups however, and Microsoft is no exception. After Xbox Live went down for a while during launch, users started reporting their new consoles making some very strange… noises. 

These noises seem to occur when new Xbox owners try to install their games, particularly ones with high file sizes. Here’s what happened when one user tried to install Crash Bandicoot 4:

This likely isn’t a universal issue, given that we haven’t experienced it with our review units of the consoles. However, Microsoft has yet to comment on the issue - and several Series X users are growing frustrated that their consoles are starting to sound like metronomes. It’s not even just whirring - some consoles are clicking Predator-style. 

It’s not just the Series X, either. Another user reported that their brand-new Series S console had started making a similar noise almost immediately:

Ah, but if only these new consoles were just noisy. Some of these disc drives won’t even let you insert your games. One user tried to fit in Xbox 360 and Xbox One games into the console, but a seemingly defective drive wouldn’t accept the discs:

But what if… your console didn’t accept your disc and started making noise at the same time? It’s Double Jeopardy! 

There are plenty more tweets of users experiencing these issues, but Microsoft has yet to comment on any of them. The company has only commented on rumours that certain Series X consoles are billowing smoke - which has been debunked to be vape smoke.

Another tweet from Xbox Support asks users to visit the official Xbox Support page if they encounter any issues. A Reddit thread suggested that users try brute-forcing their discs into the consoles if they won’t go in easily - though that advice seems suspect at best. 

Are you experiencing any issues with your shiny new Xbox consoles?

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