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X-Men '97 unveils first trailer and sets premiere date on Disney+

By Zelda Lee - on 16 Feb 2024, 5:10pm

X-Men '97 unveils first trailer and sets premiere date on Disney+

Disney has unveiled the premiere teaser for X-Men '97, setting the stage for its debut on Disney+ on 20 March. The teaser gives fans a glimpse into the aftermath of Professor X's presumed demise at the conclusion of the iconic '90s cartoon, showcasing how the X-Men regroup and move forward. The lineup sees familiar faces like Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Bishop, Beast, and Rogue making a comeback. With Professor X gone, Cyclops seems to take the lead, only for Magneto to emerge, staking a claim to Charles Xavier's legacy.

Notably, X-Men '97 will be accompanied by a prequel comic set to launch on 27 March. Authored by Steve Foxe and illustrated by Salva Espin, this comic marks another collaboration between the duo who worked on X-Men '92: House of XCII. This particular series reimagines the "House of X" storyline from 2019 within the universe of the "X-Men: The Animated Series." The upcoming X-Men '97 comic aims to connect the dots between the original animated series and its much-anticipated sequel, hinting at untold stories about beloved characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Jubilee.

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