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WWDC 2023 unveils gaming shift: Kojima's Death Stranding leads charge of major titles coming to macOS

By The Count - on 6 Jun 2023, 2:48pm

WWDC 2023 unveils gaming shift: Kojima's Death Stranding leads charge of major titles coming to macOS

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima made an appearance at WWDC 2023 to announce the forthcoming release of Death Stranding: Director's Cut for Mac. In the wake of discussing the latest gaming advancements in macOS Sonoma, Apple took the opportunity to spotlight this significant title soon to arrive on Mac.

"We are now entering a new era for gaming on the Mac,” declares Kojima, who also lauded the "contemporary rendering pipeline and the impressive graphical fidelity delivered by MetalFX Upscaling."

In Death Stranding, players assume the role of a "Porter," tasked with traversing a decimated country, bridging isolated locations, and delivering supplies throughout an epic adventure.

Beyond Death Stranding: Director's Cut, a host of other games are in line for a macOS launch, including the charming Stray, initially seen on the PlayStation console.

Apple's launch of a developer kit aimed at streamlining the migration of games to macOS demonstrates their growing commitment to the gaming industry. As Macs become increasingly potent, it seems Apple is beginning to focus more attention on gaming. Though they are unlikely to topple PCs from their throne in computer gaming, the newest Macs, when equipped with the cutting-edge M2 Ultra chip, could deliver exceptional gaming performance.

However, this performance carries a steep price tag, with premium models costing upwards of $5,000.

Traditionally, Mac has not been the preferred choice for gaming, with Windows generally dominating as the principal platform for PC gaming. The limitations of Mac hardware and software for gaming are readily apparent to anyone who has tried playing a game like Fortnite on a Mac Pro. Yet, the introduction of the latest M2 chips might change the game.

These new-generation Macs could potentially possess the processing and computational power required to run the latest AAA games, hinting at a possible shift in the gaming landscape. Here's to hoping, Mac gamers.


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