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Would We Ever Get to See the Dual-OS-Capable ASUS Transformer Book Duet?

By Ng Chong Seng - on 10 Mar 2014, 10:50am

Would We Ever Get to See the Dual-OS-Capable ASUS Transformer Book Duet?

The ASUS Transformer Book Duet (TD300) features an Intel Core i7 processor with Intel HD graphics, 4GB DDR3L-1600 RAM, and a 13.3-inch full HD IPS touchscreen. (Image source: ASUS.)

Remember the Transformer Book Duet (TD300) from ASUS that we first saw at CES this year? The headline feature of this 13.3-inch full HD tablet/Ultrabook hybrid is that users can easily switch between two operating systems: Android and Windows 8.1. More impressively, in tablet mode, the Duet doesn’t use an ARM chip like many other tablets do, but rather, the same Intel Core i7 processor that’s used in notebook mode.

The Duet is supposed to hit the market in the second quarter of this year; but if Digitimes Research was to be believed, it may be postponed indefinitely. The reason? Pressure from Google. Digitimes’ claim is also backed up by a CNET source.


Currently, only Intel’s X86 chip can support dual operating systems, giving consumers an option to run either Android or Windows, but on a separate basis. From Intel’s standpoint, tablets that have both Windows and Android dual OS is positive for its business model, and vendors can also increase brand value through dual-system products. […]

Although Microsoft’s co-existence with Android may jeopardize the survival of Metro App, in the long run Microsoft is looking to expand the penetration rate of Windows in mobile devices, as it currently only has a 3% market penetration rate, so pairing up with Google should prove to be beneficial.

Indeed, with slumping PC sales and the slow adoption of Windows 8, it’s no surprise that Intel is in favor of helping OEMs build dual-booting devices. Because whether you’re buying a dual-OS device for its Android or Windows capabilities, it’s still a win for chip-zilla. The benefit for Microsoft in a dual-OS scenario is less obvious, though it’s safe to assume that every Transformer Book Duet sale will also be counted as a Windows 8.1 sale.

We can only hope that consumers aren’t the ones at the losing end of this episode.

Source: Digitimes, CNET.

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