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Working professionals get a lot of love from Lenovo for MWC 2023

By Ken Wong - on 28 Feb 2023, 1:34pm

Working professionals get a lot of love from Lenovo for MWC 2023

The ThinkPad T16 Gen 2 Storm Grey. Image source: Lenovo.

Lenovo has updated their ThinkPad T, L, and E series of notebooks to deliver performance and feature upgrades to workers in SMBs to enterprises during MWC 2023. Plus, they launched new two new 22-inch and 24-inch monitors ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One (TIO) Gen 5 devices as well.


ThinkPad T, L, and E series

The ThinkPad T14s Gen 4 Black. Image source: Lenovo.

Having more than 20 generations under its belt, the ThinkPad T series now comes built with more sustainable materials. A new optional Infrared 5MP camera is available to improve the user experience given the increasing use of video conferencing tools. More low blue light display options are available across the board to help protect from eye strain, including a 2.8k OLED panel option now available on the T14 Gen 4, T16 Gen 2, and T14s Gen 4.

The ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 4 Storm Grey. Image source: Lenovo.

The ThinkPad L13 Gen 4 and L13 Yoga Gen 4 also include a low blue light display option, which is low power to help increase battery efficiency. The latest L-series models, including L14 Gen 4 and L15 Gen 4 can now be ordered with up to a 2TB SSD storage, twice the capacity of the previous generation.

Users can also choose from the latest ThinkPad E14 Gen 5 or 16-inch ThinkPad E16. The E series now features 16:10 aspect ratio displays, a new keyboard, and a larger 115mm touchpad design. Available with up to Windows 11 Pro, the E series comes powered by either the latest 13th Generation Intel Core processors or the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors with integrated AMD Radeon 610M Graphics. The laptops can be configured with up to 40GB of RAM, feature dual SSD storage offering up to 2TB, and Wi-Fi 6E. Furthermore, the ThinkPad E14 Gen and E16 come with 47Whr or 57Whr battery options.


Tiny but powerful!

Image source: Lenovo.

According to Lenovo, the Tiny-in-One (TIO) form factor has traditionally allowed for modularity, enabling a cable-less connection with various Tiny PCs and the ability to switch out components when needed so that the monitor and PC can be refreshed separately.

Available in two sizes, 21.5-inches and 23.8-inches, the new ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One Gen 5 Monitor offers an improved VoIP audio/visual experience thanks to an upgraded 1080p webcam, microphone and two user-facing speakers. Along with a three-side borderless sRGB FHD display, both monitors use natural low blue light technology to optimise eye comfort and are available with a 10-point, touchscreen that also supports stylus use. The ThinkCentre TIO Gen 5 includes a rear HDMI port as well as a DisplayPort, allowing it to connect with up to two additional external PCs, whether it be a laptop, tower workstation, or another desktop.

You can't see the TIO at all. Image source: Lenovo.

With a modular design, the ThinkCentre TIO devices feature a rear compartment with a built-in, 3-in-1 connector port where it can easily snap in and out, mounting to the monitor without any cable required. Regardless of which PC unit is connected, a rotating, vented door on the compartment covers and protects it, ensuring a clean, sleek look when viewed from behind. To keep the TIO safe, a dual Kensington Lock is included to secure both the monitor and connected Tiny PC.


Pricing and availability

The ThinkPads T14s, T14, and T16 will be available from July 2023 with prices expected to start from €1590, €1345 and €1390 respectively. The ThinkPad L13 and L13 Yoga will be available from April 2023 with prices that are expected to start from €839 and €980 respectively. Lenovo’s ThinkPad E14 Gen 5 and E16 Gen 1 will be available starting June 2023 with prices starting from €770 and €780 respectively. Finally, the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One (TIO) Gen 5 Monitors will be available starting August 2023 with prices that are expected to start from €299 for the 22-inch model, and €399 for the 24-inch model.

We will update this article with local pricing and availability when we have more information. 

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