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Wink Hub 2 is the universal controller you need for your smart home devices

By Vijay Anand - on 8 Jan 2017, 11:37am

Wink Hub 2 is the universal controller you need for your smart home devices

The world of smart home devices is exploding with numerous options, what with IoT and connected devices, smart appliances and a whole lot more in this fast expanding segment.

However, controlling them all isn’t a quite as intuitive as there are a few different standards/protocols used among these group of products. That means going in and out different individual apps to control each of them and that’s akin to juggling several remote controllers.

Wink Hub 2 promises to be your ‘universal remote’ controller of sorts by managing all your respective smart home devices in one app. Wink Hub 2 makes this possible as it supports numerous smart home protocols and even proclaims that it recognizes the most of any other hub in the market. Setting it up is mostly a simple process as there’s an auto-discovery feature to get you up and running.

From the name of this device, you can tell that there has already been a previous version of the Wink Hub. The new Hub 2 is more compact than the original, packs a more powerful processor and 8x more memory to improve latency when controlling connected devices. Slim and tall, Wink Hub 2 stands upright so that it consumes a minimal footprint and ensures smoother communication with your smart home products.

Available at Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot for US$99, you can easily place an order for this device and use shipping forwarding services.

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