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WhatsApp's new "HD Photos" option finally lets you send high-res images

By Kenny Yeo - on 21 Aug 2023, 9:58am

WhatsApp's new "HD Photos" option finally lets you send high-res images

(Image source: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp will finally let users send photos in higher quality using a new "HD quality" option.

Previously, presumably to save storage space and data, WhatsApp would automatically compress your images and send them in 920 x 1280 pixels resolution.

Now, this new option will let you images in either "standard quality" which is 1600 x 1052 pixels resolution, or "HD quality" which is  3024 x 4032 pixels resolution. See the feature in action below:

Users will know they've received a higher-resolution photo by looking at the HD label in the corner of the image.

And while it's a big step up in resolution, WhatsApp did not specify if it's still applying any sort of compression to your images. However, it did say that all higher-resolution images are protected with the same end-to-end encryption.

The feature is currently rolling out globally and all WhatsApp users should be able to see it in their app over the coming weeks.

In addition to this, WhatsApp also said that they are working on giving users the ability to send high-resolution videos over the service.

Source: Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg

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