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WhatsApp’s first update for 2024 is the ability to create stickers on iOS

By Liu Hongzuo - on 12 Jan 2024, 3:42pm

WhatsApp’s first update for 2024 is the ability to create stickers on iOS

WhatsApp now allows users to create and edit stickers directly within the app, if you're using an iPhone and iOS.

WhatsApp has announced a new (and long overdue) feature. The iOS version of the messaging app now allows you to create stickers for your chats without exiting WhatsApp itself.

There is no longer a need to rely on unofficial third-party sticker apps, or have that ugly white space around your sticker when you use Photo Cutout / Lift and Drop. You can also personalise existing stickers in your WhatsApp app even further. 

How do I make stickers in iOS WhatsApp on the iPhone?

Step One: Enter your WhatsApp chat, open the sticker tray, press the "create new sticker" button (plus symbol).

The process is quite simple. To create a sticker in iOS WhatsApp, simply open your sticker tray (the sticker icon parked at the right end of your texting box). Hit the huge “plus” icon to create a new sticker.

This will pull up two options: Use A Photo and Generate with AI. Select “Use A Photo” if you want to create stickers using images or photos from your Gallery app. Scroll through your Gallery to find the photo you want to use, and select it.

Step Two: Select the photo you want to use, and edit it with text or drawing before sending.

The app will automatically go into the next menu, which lets you customise the sticker further with text, or drawings. You can also choose between two styles of stickers (the “cutout” style, however, depends on WhatsApp getting the right subjects).

Step Three: Send your sticker once you're ready. Try not to get blocked by the recipient.

Once you’re ready, hit send, and your recipient will get your sticker (assuming he hasn’t already blocked you).

To edit an existing sticker, you go back to the sticker tray and long-press the sticker you wish to edit. 

Sticker maker update for iOS WhatsApp

Sticker maker is available via WhatsApp Web and iPhone WhatsApp users running iOS 17 or newer. Users on older iOS versions can edit but not create new stickers. If you’ve not gotten the feature yet, hang on a little longer and wait for WhatsApp to roll it out to your region.

Source: WhatsApp

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