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What do you think of Windows 10's new Tron-ish wallpaper?

By Alvin Soon - on 26 Jun 2015, 9:55am

What do you think of Windows 10's new Tron-ish wallpaper?

A new Windows wallpaper is a Big Deal. The rolling hills vista that shipped with Windows XP has been dubbed the most viewed picture of all time (nobody can really prove it, but you can kinda believe it). For Windows 10, Microsoft collaborated with designer Gmunk for the wallpaper above. What do you think?

Gmunk is a legend in the design scene, and well-known for making shiny, futuristic beautiful things. He designed the UI and holographic sequences for Tron: Legacy and Oblivion, which explains the Tron vibe from the new Windows 10 wallpaper. 

Gmunk also did this crazy installation-light demo that you should totally check out:

The behind-the-scenes video for the new Windows 10 wallpaper shows the amount of work that went into this one image. It's an actual photograph of a real-life installation, not CGI. 

So. Like it? Don't like it? Very future? Too cold? What do you think?

Source: Fast Co. Design.

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