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What are Singaporeans looking for on Google Search in 2022?

By Liu Hongzuo - on 7 Dec 2022, 9:08pm

What are Singaporeans looking for on Google Search in 2022?

Credit: Google Singapore.

Singaporeans are curious, practical, and are good at finding ways to have a good time. That is, if you go by what we searched for on Google’s search engine in 2022.

Google unveiled its annual Year in Search 2022 lists, which shows trending searches in our area while giving us a glimpse of what Singaporeans really want (or want to know). Recurring themes see the local populace finding all sorts of ways to enjoy the post-easing of pandemic measures – be it through leisure travel, outdoor activities, and keeping up with world news.

We chose to feature a handful of Google’s 15 Singaporean lists, specifically the top 10 trending searches of local news, international news, Singapore-based activities, travel queries, and trending videogames. The rest of it can be found on Google Trend’s Year in Search 2022 landing page here

Trending events of the world may feel like a lifetime away, but it was really only just this year that Wordle truly took off, a dreadful war in Ukraine began, and the passing of both the U.K. long-time Queen and former Prime Minister of Japan. The reopening of the Singapore-Johor Bahru Causeway Link was also hotly anticipated, with cross-border workers and families waiting for a chance to reunite and go home.

Besides the expected curiosity around local Covid cases, a recurring theme in Singapore’s how-to search queries revolved around GST vouchers and CDC vouchers, two very important support packages that buffer Singaporeans against the increased cost of living and post-pandemic aftermath. Google also saw Singaporean users asking how to update their Google Chrome browser, which was likely in response to the multiple zero-day vulnerabilities spotted this year.

Singaporeans are also more than likely to support large-scale events and outdoor activities, with nearly seven of the 10 trending activities in such settings. It’s actually odd how karaoke came in at 10th place, but that’s also likely because of personal karaoke systems being even more popular during the past two years.

Top trending games are more varied. Wordle did take the world by storm, and the second most popular one is actually for a Korean MMORPG that’s officially not available here (cough cough). In tenth place is a classic RPG where you get to play as a cat. Interestingly enough, only two mobile games made it in, despite a significant number of Singaporeans on mobile gaming platforms.

Travel-related searches are much more pragmatic, with money-minded Japanophiles keeping a close eye on their second favourite currency. The other queries read more like last-minute, emergency searches as people navigated around new, quickly-changing rules related to immigration and travel.

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Source: Google Trends, Google Singapore

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