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WeChat would like to remind everybody that they have web chat too

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 26 Jan 2015, 10:57am

WeChat would like to remind everybody that they have web chat too

 Similar to the WhatsApp browser chat, to log in you scan the QR code from the WeChat app on the phone.

WhatApp isn't the only messaging app on mobiles. There's also WeChat, which despite security issues and concerns, is one of the world's most used apps. We don't know the exact numbers but WhatApp has about 600 million users and WeChat has about 438 million from reports made last August. While WeChat is still trailing WhatsApp globally, the company has a dominating grip in its home territory, China.

Trailing behind or not, WeChat's recently posted a (not too) subtle jab at WhatsApp and its recently launched web client on WeChat's official blog. The blog points out that WeChat has had a browser based client for years now and even has a native Mac app, with file transfer capability. Connecting to WeChat's client is eerily similar to how WhatsApp's handled theirs. You start a browser, go to the web client login and then scan the QR code with the WeChat app.

One particularly stinging point that WeChat's made is that its web messaging client is available on all platforms, including iOS. WhatsApp's client on the other hand, has no iOS functionality and is only usable on Chrome. Given that WeChat can make a browser client for their messaging app, we wonder why WhatsApp is suspiciously only available of Android and Chrome, both of which Google has a stake in. WhatsApp has given their reasoning, but one wonders if there's more to it than that.

While we aren't sure how many WhatsApp users will jump ship because of that, we have no doubt that somebody somewhere thinks that an iOS compatible web client for a messaging service is awesome and is furiously uninstalling WhatsApp for WeChat right this moment.

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