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Watch the origin story for Overwatch's latest hero - Echo

By Tim Augustin - on 19 Mar 2020, 3:32pm

Watch the origin story for Overwatch's latest hero - Echo

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Finally, a new hero!

Overwatch has been rather lacking in new content recently. The game has not received any new heroes or maps since the announcement of Overwatch 2 - which to be fair, is exactly what its developers warned would happen. Fortunately, it looks like the dry spell is over for now. Blizzard Entertainment has released a new origin story for the game’s next hero - Echo, who was first introduced in an earlier McCree cinematic, and reappeared in the Overwatch 2 announcement cinematic. 

Watch the origin story below:

After only having a couple of cryptic tweets to go on previously, we finally have a good idea of who Echo is. It starts with Dr. Mina Liao, one of the six original founders of Overwatch - next to Soldier 76, Reaper, Ana, Reinhardt and Torbjorn. Liao helped created the omnics in the first place - and couldn’t just sit by as her creations ravaged the world in the great Omnic War later on. Overwatch graciously accepted her into their team, giving her a chance at redemption. 

She then created Echo - her magnum opus. Echo is an omnic AI modelled after her own personality and voice, but possessing free will of her own. Quite literally, she is an echo - and a lonely one too, after Liao died (or was killed?) in an explosion at her lab. Her story actually helps fill in a lot of big gaps in the game’s lore, such as how the Omnic War began and where they came from - though we still don’t know where Echo has been all this time. 

In the present, we know that McCree has freed Echo from some kind of hibernation before striking out on his own. Echo then joined the big Overwatch reunion, as they battled a giant robot terrorising a small city. That’s where the lore ends for now, but we’ll probably learn more when the sequel comes out. 

While we don’t know Echo’s full breadth of powers and abilities just yet, a full reveal is happening on March 19, 2020 at 1am (Singapore time) with game director Jeff Kaplan joining TimTheTatMan for a Twitch stream. 

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