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Vivo co-develops customised Sony Lytia image sensors for future Vivo phones

By Liu Hongzuo - on 3 Aug 2023, 2:13pm

Vivo co-develops customised Sony Lytia image sensors for future Vivo phones

Vivo's announcement in its imaging advances and choices, with the next generation being a customised Sony Lytia sensor.

Vivo announced a host of imaging advances at its special conference earlier this week (30 July), introducing its efforts in generative AI, a new periscope lens made with ZEISS, and a new imaging chipset. But, that wasn’t all.

Vivo also revealed that it’s working with Sony to create a next-generation imaging sensor for its future Vivo X series handsets, through a slide in its keynote presentation that talked about its sensor advances.

Specifically, the Chinese phone brand is customising a Sony Lytia sensor with a two-layer transistor pixel structure. So, which of Sony’s new Lytia mobile sensors has that feature?

Sony Lytia chart for different image sensor models, from Sony's Semicon website.

On the Sony Lytia announcement page, the Japanese company states that its 53-megapixel Sony LYT800 has this characteristic. More specifically, LYT800 is a 1/1.4-inch premium-grade sensor made to rival “high-quality 1-inch typer” sensors, and it’s also the first-ever sensor to have this two-layer structure for its pixels to give it excellent low-light performance.

To see the rest of Vivo’s imaging announcements, read here.

Source: GSMArena, Vivo (Weibo)

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