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Vivifi’s new Share plan comes with 180GB data for up to 9 other users

By Liu Hongzuo - on 4 Dec 2021, 9:30am

Vivifi’s new Share plan comes with 180GB data for up to 9 other users

Note: This article was first published on 2 December 2021.

Need a big mobile plan for sharing with others? Vivifi now has a new Share plan, packing in 180GB mobile data, 1,000 minutes of talktime, and 100 SMSes at S$40/month. This plan can be shared with up to nine other sub-lines, with each line costing just an extra S$6 per month to tap into this big plan bundle.

The MVNO’s Share 180 joins its existing Share 120 plan, providing two alternatives to a growing list of shared, no-contract mobile data plans that grant big data allowances and relaxed sharing limitations. Share 180 allows Vivifi users to share the plan with any user registered as a sub-line; they do not need to be living in the same household, or be related to each other to share. 

At S6/month for each additional user up to a maximum of nine sub-lines, below is a quick breakdown of the plan’s cost:

Vivifi Share 180 plan per user
Main Line + Sub-line Total number of users Total cost per month Average cost per user Average amount of monthly data per user (shared 180GB)
1 main + 1 sub 2 S$46/month S$23/month per user 90GB per user
1 main + 2 sub 3 S$52/month S$17.33.../month per user 60GB per user
1 main + 3 sub 4 S$58/month S$14.50/month per user 45GB per user
1 main + 4 sub 5 S$64/month S$12.80/month per user 36GB per user
1 main + 5 sub 6 S$70/month S$11.66.../month per user 30GB per user
1 main + 6 sub 7 S$76/month S$10.86/month per user 25.7GB per user
1 main + 7 sub 8 S$82/month S$10.25/month per user 22.5GB per user
1 main + 8 sub 9 S$88/month S$9.78/month per user 20GB per user
1 main + 9 sub 10 S$94/month S$9.40/month per user 18GB per user

The Share 180 plan also comes with free caller ID, incoming calls and SMSes, on top of free registration, roaming activation, free SIM card, and “more”. Vivifi also added that the Share 180 stays unchanged for the entire duration of using its plan, which is unlike their Share 120 version that drops in both price and data bundle after 12 months.

Since this is a new plan by Vivifi, the MVNO is running a brief promotion to get people interested. From now until 31 December 2021, Share 180 plans are entitled to a maximum of three free sub-lines for three months with the following promo code - FREE3 (enter the code at the checkout page).

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