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MVNO telco Vivifi launches a new two-tiered Plus mobile plan for data hounds

By Ken Wong - on 13 Aug 2020, 4:37pm

MVNO telco Vivifi launches a new two-tiered mobile plan for data hounds

Having started with a family plan, MVNO telco Vivifi now has a new mobile plan to complement their existing Share and Lite plans.

The new Plus plan will come in two- tiers with the main difference being the data provided as both come with the same amount of talk time and number of SMSes. Depending on the plan users subscribe to, they should enter the promo code PLUS6 or PLUS10 to enjoy a year of discounted payments. They also have a number of free perks as listed in the table below.

  Vivifi Plus 6GB Vivifi Plus 10GB
Data 6GB 10GB
Talk Time 350 min 350 min
SMS 100 100
Perks free caller ID, registration, SIM charges, roaming activation, incoming calls and SMS
Price for 1st year S$9.98/mth S$14.98/mth
Price for 2nd year S$12.98/mth S$17.98/mth

While Vivifi's Lite plan is as the name suggests, designed for very light personal usage, the new Vivifi Plus addresses the needs of a typical user's consumption these days with a reasonable price tag.

What happens if you go beyond the allotted data cap? Users will have their data speeds throttled from 4G speeds to “unlimited basic Internet” which is Vivifi lingo for slowing data usage to 256Kbps after 6GB or 10GB data bundle is used up.  It will be reset to 4G speeds in the new billing cycle which is from the 1st day of the following month.

Users can purchase additional data booster packs before they hit their data limits that last for 30 days from day of purchase. Vivifi added that they are working on a recurring data booster plan that follows their billing cycle and effectively increases their data caps.

Vivifi's one-time booster packs that last 30 days from the day of purchase.

If you're interested to sign up, head over here for more details.

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