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Visualize Fractal Design Casings at Home with Augmented Reality

By Joy Hou - on 7 Oct 2013, 2:35pm

Visualize Fractal Design Casings at Home with Augmented Reality

Fractal Design has announced the Fractal Design On-the-Go with the launch of their app. Compatible with tablets, the app comes with key information, feature animations, and 360-degree product tours through AR (Augmented Reality).

With the app, Fractal Design allows you to size-up how the casing would look and feel exactly where you intend to use it - all without buying or borrowing the actual casing. Of course to get this going, you'll need to print out the trigger for the app's AR function to lock-on and provide you the product's virtual walkthrough. The app still needs polishing, but for the limited models available through the app, you can tell that Fractal Design is reaching out to its customers in new and relevant ways with the use of technology.

The concept of using AR as a pre-purchase step isn't new. As early as August 2011, Sony introduced an AR TV size guide, while TP Vision jumped on the same bandwagon last June. Spawned by such TV vendors, this trend is slowly but surely spreading its way, with other product segments offering similar AR experiences to help consumers visualize and make more informed decisions.

You can learn how Fractal Design's mobile app through this video:-

Currently, Fractal Design is working on the app compatibility with the iPhone. More content and features will also be included in the coming months. You can download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

Source: Fractal Design

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