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Vissles' new low-profile LP 85 keyboard is like a mechanical Apple Magic keyboard with RGB

By Kenny Yeo - on 2 Dec 2021, 10:00am

Vissles' new low-profile LP 85 keyboard is like a mechanical Apple Magic keyboard with RGB

Vissles LP 85 (Image source: Vissles)

If you ever wished Apple made a mechanical version of their excellent Magic Keyboard, your wish may have just been granted – well, sort of.

This is the Vissles LP 85, which has 85 keys and the LP presumably stands for "low-profile." 

Visually, it looks like Apple's Magic Keyboard. It has an unfussy aesthetic thanks to a nicely machined aluminium chassis and large keys adorned with a clean typeface.

Build quality is high. The chassis is solid and though the key caps are ABS plastic, they resist fingerprints well and they have a soft-touch coating that makes them feel smooth and nice to touch.

It was designed with a focus on being thin. Despite having mechanical switches, Vissles says the LP 85 is only around 12mm thick, just 3mm more than Apple's Magic Keyboard.

That's mostly because of its low-profile "X-optical" switches which have a compact switch mechanism of just 5.4mm. That's about a third of typical mechanical switches.

(Image source: Vissles)

Despite being so thin, key travel remains decent. Vissles claim 2.5mm of total travel and it feels just about right. For a keyboard this slim, there's a surprising amount of travel.

Key feel, however, is a little iffy. There's a distinct but light-feeling actuation point, and once you punch through it, there's little in the way of feel as you bottom out. It feels crispy, like you are typing on bubble wrap. There's also a significant amount of key wobble.

(Image source: Vissles)

Whether you like it or not is subjective. What's not, however, is the quality of the RGB lighting. The lighting is bright, uniform, and the animation is pretty smooth. There are 19 dynamic modes and 8 monochrome backlit modes to choose from.

In terms of connectivity, you can choose to connect the Vissles LP 85 either via USB-C or Bluetooth. If you are using the latter, the LP85 can be paired with up to three devices simultaneously. Switching between paired devices is a simple matter of simply hitting the shortcut keys.

Though the LP 85 can be ordered with either Mac or Windows-specific keys, you can easily switch the layout between Mac and Windows using shortcut keys.


Availability and pricing

The Vissles LP 85 is available now through Vissle's Kickstarter page at a special early bird price of US$99 (~S$136). 

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