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ViewQwest now offers Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh router fibre plans (updated)

By Liu Hongzuo - on 20 May 2020, 3:37pm

ViewQwest now offers Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh router fibre plans (updated)

This article was originally published on 21 April 2020.

20 May 2020 Update: Pricing changes to ViewQwest Freedom Plan. More details below.

The banner on ViewQwest's landing page for Wi-Fi 6 plans.

With most devices launched of late coming with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, it only makes sense to get the most out of Wi-Fi on your latest gadgets and smart appliances. Despite that, many folks only upgrade their Wi-Fi routers once in a blue moon. It's likely that their latest Wi-Fi 6 capable devices - like the iPhone 11 series and Samsung Galaxy S20 series - aren't enjoying what Wi-Fi 6 connectivity offers.

ViewQwest believes that the fastest way to get more homes to benefit from Wi-Fi 6 devices is to help defray the higher costs of Wi-Fi 6-compatible routers and mesh routers. As such, consumers can now subscribe to ViewQwest Max Plans (with Wi-Fi 6 routers included) starting at S$46.90 per month and ViewQwest Freedom Plans (with Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers included) starting at S$59.90 per month. These are limited time offers which were originally priced at S$49.90 and S$69.90 onwards, respectively.

There's also the option to upgrade these plans to 2Gbps at S$15 per month for the Max Plans, and the same upgrade is only S$10 per month for Freedom Plans.

This infographic is no longer valid and kept for reference only. Source: ViewQwest.

The updated ViewQwest plans as of 20 May 2020. Source: ViewQwest.

If you're just subscribing to ViewQwest's Freedom Plans, you can try entering VQWIFI6 at the subscription page to get S$10 off for the first ten months. As of 20 May 2020, the code is only applicable to the S$59.90/month ASUS ZenWiFi Freedom Plan, and the S$69.90/month Netgear Orbi Freedom Plan.

(NEW) 20 May 2020 Update: ViewQwest is lowering the price of the first S$59.90 Feedom Plan (see above) to S$53.90 per month at launch (original price at S$56.90 per month). According to ViewQwest, this price adjustment reflects the change in the bundled router's official retail price. Instead of the ASUS RT-AX92U mesh router set, subscribers who get the S$53.90/month Freedom Plan will receive a Netgear Nighthawk MK62 (AX1800) mesh router set instead. For this Freedom Plan, there's also the option to top-up the upfront cost at S$88 to receive a Neatgear Nighthawk MK63 (AX1800) mesh router instead (originally S$119 for top-up). See the chart below for comparison.

The launch offers expire on 30 June 2020.

"Although more devices such as smartphones and laptops are adopting Wi-Fi 6, many homes are still unable to enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 as they are hesitant to upgrade their Wi-Fi due to the premium cost of Wi-Fi 6 routers. We want to introduce Wi-Fi 6 to more homes to ensure that families can tap on the latest Wi-Fi technology and enjoy strong, fast and consistent Internet within their accommodation. We also understand that the need for a strong, fast and consistent Internet has become increasingly urgent and important as more people are now working and studying from home." - Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest


Is Wi-Fi 6 worth the upgrade?

Compared to Wi-Fi 5 (also known as Wi-Fi 802.11ac), Wi-Fi 6 can support more simultaneous devices parked on the same network without compromising on network quality or speed. This is crucial if you're running a smart home setup or if you're simply sharing the connection with others. You can understand more about the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 (formerly Wi-Fi 802.11ax) here.

To learn more about ViewQwests's latest offerings, you can check their plans out in detail at their official website. If you need a quick refresher on what Wi-Fi 6 stands for, don't forget to check out our recent guide for Wi-Fi standards here.

In case you're wondering about the bundled Wi-Fi 6 routers listed by ViewQwest:

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